WWRFC falls to both Brown, BU

The White Dawgs have been hard at work the past two weeks playing two tough games against Boston University and Brown. After compiling a winning record in league play in the first half of the season, the WW dropped two games to the big girls from BU and Brown.

The A-side game against BU was filled with graceful runs and hard tackles from everyone. Unfortunately, the WW was worn down by the overwhelming mass and ugliness of the other team and lost 0-22. But the game was not lacking excellent teamwork and innate rugby ability. Audrey “Pica” Herzig ’03, Natalie “All legs” Marchant ’01 and Maria “Purple cast” Drinane ’02 connected for lightening fast runs on the outside. Scrumhalf Beth “Shudup richard” Friedman directed to scrum as they pushed the BU fatsoes around the field. Healy Thompson ’03 and Lynn “Who gotz da keyz to my beema?” Lim plowed over players left and right.

Erin “el presitante” Dempsey ’01 was gracefully nabbing lineouts with the lifting help of CJ Tyson ’01 and Katherine Belecki ’01. Virginia “I’m a maniac” Despard ’02 and Jasmine “Desmurfified” Klatt ’03 were all over the field grabbing BU players and slamming them into the hard and somewhat painful ground. The White Dawgs throughout the match chanted comments like, “It sucks to BU”.

The B-side faired well against the bloodied B.U. players and played a long, hard fought game to a score of 5-12. The line connected for some great looping runs as Evelyn Mahony ’03 got the ball out to Carrie Jones ’02 and Caroline “C-LION” Messmer ’02 and Kaitlin “Chiefy” Rahl. Danielle “Truck” Rosario-Mullen ’03 and Victoria “boo hockey” Goldman ’01 ran up and over the whimpering BU players. Prop, Ria “I’m also a maniac” Berns ’04 and Tamika “I want to join the maniac club” Murray ‘03 were tackling and running all over the place. A short C-side half was played as those still standing took the side to defeat BU 7-0.

This past weekend the WW traveled to Brown to face the huge girls from Providence. We lost by an undisclosed score but the game was excellent practice for the upcoming game against the sallies from amHerst. Once again, both A-side and B-side played magnificently as more and more rookies gained some game experience and helped contribute to the WW. Excellent runs and tackles by Marchant, Friedman, Lim and Messmer helped the onslaught of solid running by the Brown team. Murray, Tyson, Lauren Flinn ’03, Lizzie Jacobs ’01, Katie Gortz ’03 ran and tackled their hearts out as play was fast and intense. Fullback newcomer, Susie Eklund ’04 kicked and ran her way into a great first showing at the position.

The B-side game was close as the line and scrum worked in sync to push back the onslaught of Brown players. Michelle Allen ’04, Kate “Still a tree” Figge ’01, LeShawn Mays ’03 and Dorothy Hiersteiner ’03 brought the Brown girls to their knees time and time again. The line passed and looped with amazing agility as Jones, Goldman, Leah King ’03 and Julia Balduzzi ’03 run around, through and over the other team.

This week the White Dawgs will be hard at work as they prepare for their last match of the season against the sallies from amHerst. This Saturday, starting at 11, the WW will be rucking and trucking all over the fatty losers from amHerst at UMass-Amherst. Take a nice Saturday drive and come watch the White Dawgs take the shirts off the backs of the defectors from amHerst. Go White Dawgs!

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