The Palestinian-Israeli conflict: unjust occupation or security threat? With U.S. help, Israel must

After all of these years, it is now clear that the Clinton-Gore foreign policy has been, as conservatives have said all along, completely disastrous. It is a shame that it has taken a situation as tragic as the one currently playing out in the Middle East for this to become obvious.

American foreign policy, as it currently stands, is to be anti-inflammatory wherever possible. While it would be foolish to argue that our policy should be belligerence, there are cases where America should exercise our position in the world and take a stand for what is right. The current situation in the Middle East is such a situation and our conduct in this area has been deplorable.

America has one reliable ally in the Middle East – Israel. Yet when the United Nations voted on a resolution condemning Israel for instigating the current violence, an argument that is just patently wrong, the United States mustered up all of its courage and…abstained in the name of diplomacy.

In fact, Clinton has proven to be incapable of taking a stand on anything. Voice of America, the radio broadcast voice of the U.S. government, was told not to air an editorial condemning the terrorist attack on the USS Cole because it could be seen as inflammatory.

Our own government even went so far as to say that “the 17 or so dead sailors does not compare to the 100+ Palestinians who have died in recent weeks.”

While the State Department retracted this statement the next day, it certainly says a lot about U.S. policy when we are even hesitant to use strong language in condemning the attack of one of our warships.

When the “peace process” began seven years ago in Oslo, Israel made substantial concessions to the Palestinians including allowing Palestinian self-rule in Gaza and Jericho. The Palestinians responded to this concession by continuing violence, so Israel again made concessions – this time handing over more than 14 percent of the West Bank.

And the Palestinian leadership is still not satisfied. Just last week they responded by releasing over 400 Hamas terrorists from prison and telling Palestinians that it is their duty to kill Jews.

Needless to say, the United States has not condemned any of this, as it might be “inflammatory.” In an effort to unite the world under some sort of American-led peace, we’ve made concession after concession to belligerent nations without demanding anything in return.

For example, while all of the violence was going on in the Middle East, Clinton was in Washington meeting with Jo Myong Rok, a high-ranking official from North Korea beginning the process of removing North Korea from the list of states that sponsor terrorism and thus removing trade restrictions with the United States–even though it continues to be highly involved in terrorism.

Yasser Arafat, the glorified thug Israel has been negotiating with, has been a guest of honor at White House State Dinners 13 times (more often than any other “world leader”), and has responded to the peace process by eliminating political opponents, setting up heavily armed militias and encouraging violence against Israel.

Yet the UN still condemns Israel and the United States has been unwilling to support its ally in the Middle East.

As Ehud Barak, prime minister of Israel, has pointed out, Israel was ready to “consider unprecedented ideas” to reach an agreement. It is clear that Palestinians have no desire to negotiate in good faith. For seven years, Israel has tried to end violence peacefully, yet the Palestinians offer nothing in return except Molotov cocktails.

Barak has given Arafat until the end of this week’s summit of Arab nations to end the current violence. If he does not, Barak has declared that he will reevaluate whether it is in Israel’s interest to continue the peace process. It is time for the United States, Israel’s ally, to offer the support it deserves. We should condemn the attitude of the Palestinian leadership. We should move our embassy from Tel Aviv to the true capital of Israel, Jerusalem. The United States must take a stand and protect our ally in the Middle East from the immoral and anti-Semitic actions of the Palestinians who have made no secret of their desire to “slaughter the Jews.”

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