Professor offers spelling advice

I felt rather sympathetic to the Record in its misspelling of the word “misspell” while correcting a previous misspelling, because it reminded me of a similar incident during my editorship of the Record many years ago.

I had become involved in a hassle (I don’t remember what about) with three fellow students who seized on an error of misspelling on my part to clinch their case. So I composed a little ditty in response:

Smith, Jones, and Titus

Write letters that simply delight us

They never misspell

But they are wordy as hell –

And their bark is worse than their bite-us!

Unfortunately, the printer ran all of those lines together as in prose, ruining the effect. But now, after 60 years, I have the opportunity to present them as a ditty – assuming that your printer doesn’t run them all together.

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