Anti-cheerleader attitude elitist

Did you know that Harvard university has a cheerleading squad? Probably not.

When I read Patrick Zimmerman’s letter to the editor last week, I was shocked to see that some people in the Williams community could be so negative. Does Zimmerman know that Williams is a liberal school? Well, I guess not, or maybe some of the liberals at Williams should now be termed “situational liberals.” Moreover, I just do not understand why Zimmerman really cared about the auction. I attended Villanova University, a very conservative Catholic institution, before transferring to Williams this fall. Villanova had the same kind of auction, and the entire community welcomed it with open arms. It was good, safe fun. Can’t people have some good old fun anymore? Zimmerman also noted in his letter that many people picked Williams over bigger schools because Williams didn’t have a cheerleading squad. Good point! Oh, yeah, I remember now, when I was choosing schools the fact of whether it did or did not have a cheerleading squad was one of the main focal points in whether or not I wanted to attend that particular university.

Overall, I believe that many of the sentiments that Zimmerman voiced were unfair and untrue. Why can’t the entire Williams community embrace this new organization instead of shaming it?

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