Cheerleading and ‘sale’ immature

On my way out of my house last night, I was greeted by a bright orange sign on my front door that read “Hotties-4-U-Sale.” In amazement and curiosity I had to stop and read the sign. The sign lists a number of names under two categories, cheerleaders and football players, and then informs us of the date, time and place where we can bid on a Saturday night date.

When I first found out there was going to be a cheerleading team on campus I was kind of surprised! I had a hard time imagining that they would get many people to sign up and take time out of their schedule for something like cheerleading. As a matter of fact, while talking with friends I found that Samantha Grant ’01 (who submitted a letter to last week’s Record) is not the only person who enjoyed the idea of there not being cheerleaders at Williams when she applied. As a matter of fact I have talked to a number of people who seemed to say that one of the many reasons they picked Williams over a bigger school was that we didn’t have cheerleaders. On top of that, I think we are the only NESCAC school now with cheerleaders, and I don’t want Williams sending that message to other schools. However, all of that aside I was willing to give them a chance. I know how hard it is to start a group on campus and I felt that if a group of people wanted to try this then they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Then there was this bright orange sign.

When I saw the sign I immediately thought High School. It has High School written all over it! The title is “Hotties -4-Sale!” Need I say anymore? The idea is that people will come down and bid on a man or a woman with whom they would like to go on a date with, but would otherwise never have a chance to. So to you folks who are thinking about bidding I have two words for you: “Screw Dance.” You can have your roommate or friend pair you up with him or her and it is completely free! That and you don’t have to go down to Goodrich on a Thursday night when you would rather be hanging out with your friends. Now to the cheerleaders and the people organizing this auction. I feel fairly confident in saying that you have already lost fans who never even had a chance to see you perform.

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