Women’s rugby victorious in league opener

Last weekend marked the first league game for the WWRFC and ended in two spectacular victories for the White Dawgs. The power of the scrum and the quickness of the line stunned the University of Connecticut in the first of the pair. Under dark clouds and on a wet pitch, the WWRFC took the field and opened the first half with hard tackling and powerful runs. The experience of scrumhalf Beth “The Daily Show” Friedman ’01 and the power of the scrum led by props Katherine Belecki ’01 and CJ Tyson ’01 continually pushed UConn back.

Tough running by Devon DiClerico ’01, Audrey Herzig ’03 and Natalie “Fatalie” Marchant ’01 enabled speed demons Maria “Pinky” Drinane ’02 and Lynn “Limma” Lim to continually beat the pathetic UConn wings. The first try of the game came when Marchant burst through the UConn line to intercept a pass and sprinted into the try zone for 5 points. DiClerico used her awesome kicking ability to make the conversion, much to the disappointment of the weeping UConn players.

This weekend also marked the implementation of some new secret snazzy penalty plays that left the opposing team stunned and flat-footed. The rest of the half continued to showcase the amazing jumping ability of Erin Dempsey ’01, the teamwork of the scrum, and the quality tackling of Roshni “It’s MY birthday” David ’01 and Virginia “I want your money” Despard ’02.

The second of three trys came when Friedman picked up a loose ball after a lineout and was spectacularly driven into the try zone by her hardworking scrummie teammates. DiClerico connected for another conversion, bringing the damage to 14-0.

UConn continued to be walloped by the White Dawgs as Tamika “I’m a maniac” Murray ’03 and Lizzie “I have short thumbs” Jacobs ’01 devoured any UConn players trying to advance the ball. The A-side game proved to be a great first game for the WWRFC and the result bodes well for future play this season.

But UConn did not go home without more damage being inflicted upon them. The B-side game was spectacular as the rookies and returning players meshed to form a fighting machine.

The game opened with an amazing run by Healy “Get out of my way” Thompson ’03 as she sprinted 50 meters down the sideline for a try. Thompson also converted her own extra points to make the score 7-0.

The line connected for some fast lines as Evelyn Mahony ’03 quickly got the ball out to the line and Kim Quigley ’03 distributed the ball to great inside running by Victoria “It’s not my birthday anymore” Goldman ’01 and Leah King ’03. Great outside runs by Danielle Rosario-Mullen ’03 and Thompson left UConn players quaking in their shoes.

The B-side game also proved to be a great learning experience for rookies Susie Eklund ’04, Michelle Allen ’04, Jen Foss-Feig ’04, Antoinette Wilson ’04, Carrie Jones ’02, Gina Calderon ‘04 and Ria Berns ’04, as they all made great tackles, speedy runs and stunned UConn with an impressive first showing. UConn was tackled time and time again by Katie Gortz ’03 as the scrum pounced on the other team and pushed them further and further back. After receiving a penalty at the 5meter mark, Berns burst her way through the UConn scrum to score the second try of the game and bring the score to 12-0. Jones and Wilson dominated as the UConn line was spoiled time and time again.

Rosario-Mullen continued to beat everyone and their mother on the outside and helped as DiClerico scored the last try of the game.

Coupled with Thompson’s conversion the final score read 19-0.

UConn drove home dejected and defeated after both sides crushed the Huskies 19-0. Both games were well played and everyone is showing a lot of promise for future league matches. Go White Dawgs!

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