Cheerleading is not for Williams

At the top of the daily messages last week that there was an invitation try out for the cheerleading squad.

One of the things that I really – really – liked about Williams up until that point was that we had no cheerleaders. So much so that when I discussed college back with my high school friends at home, I actually brought this up.

I consider cheerleading a complete disgrace. The entire concept that their presence on the field or court is to praise and draw attention to the accomplishments of another people’s athletic prowess is so self-deprecating, it’s absurd that it still exists.

If a person is interested in doing something athletic – play a sport. It’s not as if there is any lack of opportunity for that around here. If they are interested in performance art – do theater. Better yet, dance is a great combination of the two. Do something for yourself. Don’t exist as distracting eye candy.

Williams College went co-ed in 1970. I believe we have managed to not disparage women in this fashion for 30 years now. Let’s not regress.

Samantha Grant ’01

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