WOOLF’s bigger, and better side

My perspective on WOOLF is a little different than that offered in last week’s Record article, “First-years share their perspectives on WOOLF adventures.” What I saw was an extremely committed staff that has been working since last February to plan and execute—like a swiss watch—a program involving over 400 students, 32 camping trips and a weekend long community service program. I saw 400 students grouping in tight circles in the hockey rink, cheering and hugging as they turned in their borrowed gear and embellished thier stories of “epic” hikes.

I’m sure hidden among their adventures were some moments of poor judgement as outlined in the last Record’s WOOLF article. Documented wisely so that we can learn from them! I just wanted to share another perspective, and give public thanks to all the staff and leaders who did it safely and with great enthusiasm.

Scott Lewis

Director, Williams Outing Club

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