Athletic events are poorly scheduled

Last Saturday the women’s varsity soccer and field hockey teams played at the same time on Cole Field. The men’s soccer game began before the women’s soccer game ended, with the two games separated by about 10 yards. And the football game began before either soccer game ended. A similar schedule will occur this Saturday. But on Oct. 7 and 21 not one of those teams will play at home.

Plainly, any one of those teams draws more fans when it is not competing with another team.

Plainly, the men’s soccer games draw almost a football size crowd when the soccer team plays at home while the football team is away.

Plainly, it is impossible to watch both soccer (men’s or women’s) and football on the same day under current schedules.

Plainly, Saturdays are dull for both students and townies when all of the teams are away.

What sense is there in the current scheduling?

Ray Warner

100 Meacham St., Williamstown

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