College Council poised to have a busy year

Welcome back! With the new College Council (CC) elected and ready to meet for the first time this Wednesday evening (thanks to the efforts of Laddie Peterson, class of ’02 representative and Chris Koegel ’01, all-campus representative), we want to use this opportunity to update you all as to what we’ve been up to. All of this news is posted on our newly “Joe-Masters-souped-up” homepage at

Memories from last year: Past Problems Resolved and Projects Continued

– The Log: Continuing last years’ effort to revitalize the Log, the Senior Staff has agreed to keep the Log open Wednesday through Saturday nights, and a few days as well. (We’ll let you know which days in the week it will be open as soon as we find out). Among other things, this means that the Wednesday Night Club continues (at midnight) – see you there! This project could not have been successful without the perseverance and devotion of James Moorhead, class of ’01 representative.

– The New York Times: PurpleBubble’s distribution of the daily New York Times to central campus spaces is another project being continued this fall. John Pahl ’03 and a handful of CC members lobbied with success to continue this project. Starting this past Monday, 125 Times are to be delivered Monday through Friday to the following four locations: Baxter (near the snack bar), Mission (at the top of the steps going down to the dining hall), Goodrich (at the side entrance, below the spiral steps), and Greylock dining hall (at the bottom of steps). Because there are only 125 per day it’s important that we try to allow as many people as possible have access to each paper. So please make sure that the papers migrate to public spaces, e.g. Baxter Lounge, your common room, etc.

– Faculty/Staff/Administrator of the Year (1999-2000): The CC all-campus representatives awarded the Faculty of the Year award to Wendy Raymond, assistant professor of biology, for her continued efforts to teach students in and out of the classroom. The Staff Member of the Year was awarded to Fletcher Brooks, fitness center supervisor, for his efforts to improve the quality of life for students and because he has always shown a true dedication to the Williams’ students. The Administrator of the Year Award was given to Wanda Lee, an assistant dean, for her work with students through the Dean’s Office. She was a true advocate for student needs and we will miss her deeply. All of these awards will be presented at the October 4 CC meeting.

Summertime Advancements

– A new debate coming to town: Over the summer we worked with representatives from the Class of 1971 to organize a debate on campus for this fall. It will be on intellectual property issues and modern technologies. Nationally prominent speakers will explore issues including the Napster controversy. It may even be broadcast nationally. More to come as the details become clear.

– The Goodrich Resource Room: Also this summer, the decision was finally made to open the resource room, or Student Activities Resource Center (SARC), to the campus-at-large. In the past this room was reserved exclusively for campus groups. Though the room continues to be great for student groups, all students now have access to it without needing a key. There will be a schedule in the room, which is to be used to reserve the room for group meetings. The room is on the second floor of Goodrich and offers a copy machine, lockers, phones, computers, and comfortable couches. While you’re using the room, stop in to see us in the CC office that adjoins the room and check out our new window.

And onward into this fall…

– An Inter-Group Fund: This fall we’re creating a fund called the Inter-Group Fund. It is a fund to be started by CC and contributed to by the Senior Staff and other funding sources. It will allocate money to exclusively support events co-sponsored by different groups. The purpose of the fund is to help ameliorate social fragmentation on campus by funding events that facilitate inter-group participation. Often on campus we don’t interact with other groups simply because there is no good forum for such social interaction. This fund will support events that get different groups together. Pizza, bowling, whatever – get creative! Just get on the agenda and come to a CC meeting with a proposal and a budget.

– Other Planned Projects: In addition to the specific things we have been working on such as the Inter-group Fund, we hope to work with President Schapiro and Dean Roseman in regards their long-term efforts to reduce class size and to coordinate a central and unified student center.

Last but not least, all of your all-campus representatives have taken on projects to improve the quality of student life. These projects include a starting bus service to increase mobility on cold winter weekend evenings and to decrease drunk driving; increasing student input to Board of Trustees; working with Williams Students Online (WSO) to develop a way to improve communication between students about classes offered at Williams; and increasing student involvement in community service. (For details about these projects read the first minutes or drop by at the first CC meeting to make your own project suggestions.)

College Council details: Once again, all CC information and happenings are on the newly designed CC homepage at CC meetings are on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in Baxter Lounge. In order to get on the agenda for a CC meeting simply come to the office hours preceding it on Sunday 9:00 p.m. in the CC office (adjoining the newly opened resource room in Goodrich) or email the CC secretary, Joe Masters ’02, prior to the Sunday office hours. Don’t forget: if you have an opinion for College Council, please e-mail Drop by the office hours, send us an e-mail…just come talk to us.

This is going to be a great year. See you all soon.

Parekh ’01 and Rogers ’01 are the College Council co-Presidents.

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