Women’s rugby victorious again

The women’s rugby team left hot and sunny Williamstown for rainy, cloudy and humid Middlebury Saturday morning to play in the final game of the season. Despite numerous players caught in the clutches of a mysterious stomach bug, both A and B-sides came out victorious.

“I don’t know what was wrong with me this morning. I started not feeling well last night so I tried to load up on tea. But whatever, I’m feeling much better now and we played an excellent two matches,” said fullback Julia Cianfarini ’01.

Sluggish and still suffering from the mysterious stomach bug, the Lady White Dawgs floundered in the first half. Surprisingly, none of the scrummies felt ill as they plowed through Middlebury’s scrum. The line, however, could not get the ball out, due in part to the ball being wet and junior Lynn Lim’s realization that she in fact, does not have the hands of a flyhalf, much to the chagrin of Beth Friedman ’01. The referee also failed to realize that standing between scrumhalf Friedman and Lim would in fact obstruct play. Middlebury would score twice on breakaways and convert one kick.

The final three minutes of the first half set the tone for the rest of the game. The Williams scrum pounded at the try line, moments from scoring, behind the hooking of Amy Balas ’01 and the driving of Susie Fyrberg ’00 and Yana Dadiomova ’00, when the ref blew the whistle, signaling the end of the first half.

In the second half, Cianfarini moved to flyhalf, Lim to wing and Kamille Richards ’00 to fullback. Williams recovered Cianfarini’s opening kick deep in Middlebury territory, sending the ball out through scrummies Virginia Despard ’02 and Rebecca Rehm ’00, who for a few moments believed they were linies. Richards ended up with the ball and streaked through defenders to put the Lady White Dawgs on the board.

Richards would score twice more, thanks to offensive plays by Maria Drinane ’02, Lim, and Devon DiClerico ’01. Despard took the ball in for a scrummie try as well.

The Lady White Dawg defense held Middlebury scoreless in the second half, thanks to the tackling of DiClerico, Kaitlin Rahl ’02 and Roshni David ’01, putting Williams over Middlebury, 20-12.

Feeding off the momentum of the first game, the Killer B’s took the pitch against Middlebury’s B-side. Again, Lim was suckered into flyhalf-ing before being relieved by Emily “Madness” Eakin ’99. Despite wearing the mesh shorts of Middlebury, Madness thankfully decided to play for her alma mater.

In a tight game the B-side had many bright moments for the Lady White Dawgs. Lashawn Mays ’03 and Jasmine Mitchell ’03 made numerous hard tackles, sacrificing their bodies to being dragged when the opponent would not go down. Birthday girl Liz Lierman ’00 stepped up play to take the ball for some runs. Rehm displayed excellent conditioning as she played through the second game, crediting her stamina to “these excercises [she] did last night where you roll around on the floor.” Tegan Cheslack-Postava ’00, excited by her ability to make a certain men’s chief dance around like an idiot, displayed brilliance as the on-field line captain.

Richards scored the winning try off a nice run by Madness, with Leah King ’03 supporting, to clinch the game at 5-0.

Sniffled Alumni Secretary Liz Bailey ’00, “It was a wonderful game to end our careers as seniors, despite that damned stomach bug.”

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