WHUFO wins two at home

The H is for hot. And the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Organization showed just how hot their play could be this weekend as Williams hosted the Regional Tournament. On a beautiful and calm, if a little humid, Saturday, WHUFO started out against Wellesley and scored a quick two points with the chilly disc-handling of co-captains Alice Stout ’01, Darah Schofield ’01 and Katie Kelly ’01 combined with the great grabs of Brooke Smith ’02 and Leigh Greenwood ’00.

Wellesley attempted to break Williams’ hot 1-3-3 defense, but Smith and Michelle Mourad ’00 were there to knock down all their deep throws. After trading points, Kelly did a quick grab and pass to Schofield in the endzone to take half.

After halftime, Williams pulled ahead with the help of Anne Hereford ’01 and her nice point D and righty-turned-lefty passes.

Seven passes as the disc landed in each player’s hands, showing Wellesley our sweet flow from Kelly to Greenwood to Schofield to Hereford to Leah Rabin ’00 to Mourad to Christine Palmer ’02, ended the game at 13-10.

The next game in the hot noon sun was against Vermont. WHUFO easily pulled ahead 5-1 as the disc flew to and from experienced hands, but UVM slowly caught up until Greenwood did a backwards tumble to snag a catch in the endzone and take half at 7-6.

Williams again took the lead 10-7 as Hereford and Katie Mercer ’03 continually blocked UVM’s throws and Smith was always open and ready in the end zone. UVM was determined to put up a fight and caught up to trade points to 13-13.

The hard cap was on at 14 and WHUFO took the game with awesome zone play as the disc went from Mourad to Stout to Kelly to land once again in the hands of Greenwood, 14-13. Williams took on Harvard for their third game and took the lead 3-1 with first-year Kristina Weyer’s zippy cuts.

On the next point, Allison Miller ’03 authoritatively knocked down Harvard’s disc and ran to the end zone to catch Stout’s pass with a little juggling act. The hours of play were beginning to tire the WHUFO ladies and a little sloppy play allowed Harvard to catch up 4-4.

But Williams promptly squelched their hopes with hot zone defense cup action and quick passes between Kelly and Stout to take half at 7-5. After half, Williams quickly moved the disc up the field and Stout put the disc for a two-finger layout catch by Jill Yoshizawa ’03. Amazing point defense by Ellen Van Wert ’00 and the rest was history. WHUFO shut down Harvard 13-6.

The fourth game of the day was against the notorious Brown team. The first-years were put in and showed Brown how to play chilly zone offense under the handling of Smith and the popping of Mercer and Yoshizawa.

Despite the hard play, it was 0-4 until Schofield entered to knock down Harvard’s disc and score with a pass by Kelly. Brown took half 1-7 and proceeded to stack up the points, halted only by WHUFO flow and a catch by Weyer in the endzone. The game ended at 2-13.

On Sunday, WHUFO faced Brown’s B-team early in the morning and showed no mercy with seven quick points to take half 7-0. Firstyear Rachelle Hassan’s point defense let Brown B know who wanted it more, and Becca Krass ’03 was in the endzone to score the next two points. Short and sweet, the game ended 13-1 with the help of hot defense by firstyears Alison Stewart and Caitlin Earley, and Mourad’s hucks and passes.

As the wind picked up, Williams faced the Lunas from Smith and began with an upwind point to take a quick 2-0 lead. After a Luna score, Tenaya Plowman ’02 in the endzone brought the game to 3-1. The Luna’s pulled out their hucking game and caught up 3-3. Points were traded until they scored upwind to take half 5-7.

Despite the runs and intense defense blocks by Greenwood, Mourad, and Smith, the Luna hucking game won out over Williams’ sweet flow and the final was 7-11. There was intensity all over the WHUFO fields as the Williams women showed their spirit of the game to take fifth at Regionals and end their spring season 13-6.

WHUFO showed themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and they’ll be back next year, hotter than ever.

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