Thank you, ‘Whose Responsibility Is It?’

I would like to applaud the efforts of those who conceived the “Whose Responsibility Is It?” campaign and saw it to fruition. There has been considerable criticism of the campaign and its somewhat confrontational nature, but the point has been made in the very dialogue that was created. The campaign’s founders made people think, and, in so doing, they exercised leadership in its most profound sense. In bringing to unmerciful daylight issues that all too often remain hidden, they have forced us all to make up our own minds and speak out for our own beliefs. In a time where the primacy of passivity reigns supreme, the campaign has asked us to lead for ourselves. If nothing else, as the year and campaign both come to their respective ends, we are left with one salient message: It should not be viewed as a burden, but the ultimate privilege, to have the ability to take responsibility, to have the chance to widen the circle of hope.

Gus Howard ’03

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