Tarpley apologizes for freestyle lyrics

I would like to apologize to any and all parties who were offended by some of the content of my lyrics at the “Uncut Rhythms” concert. I felt that the lyrics were to be taken figuratively, not literally, and that in the figurative sense, they were harmless. Apparently this was not the case.

Freestyling is a difficult art to perform. A freestyler is forced to do several things at once; he/she must simultaneously stay on beat, think up a rhyme, (usually a couplet,) and then try to make the line/lines say something as well. All of this must be done virtually by instinct, and combined with the inherent nervousness and/or adrenaline rush that results from being on stage, some very interesting things can emerge in a rhyme. I explain this not to exonerate myself from the content of my lyrics, but merely to clarify the kind of situation that an artist must undergo when on the stage. I was in this situation, and I was simply saying whatever came to mind at the time. In addition I had been assured that the concert was totally uncensored, and that I could say pretty much what I wished within obvious parameters. So I did, but the results were not what was expected.

Ultimately, on further reflection, I believe that my lyrics, though permissible at the event, were inappropriate for the audience. I will remember this in the future. I also wanted to say that I sympathize with victims of rape, and my heart goes out to them and their families. No woman deserves to be objectified either. Again, I apologize for the perceived offensiveness of my lyrics, and I invite anyone who wishes further dialogue to e-mail or call me, and I will make time for your concerns. Thank you.

Erik Tarpley ’02

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