Adoption facts not completely true

A seemingly pro-life ad in Thursday’s DA read, “Over one million couples are on waiting lists of up to seven years for the chance to adopt a child. You do have a choice.” While I do not doubt this figure, do not infer from it that there are few children without homes in this country. Some couples wait for so long not because there are no adoptable babies in this world, but because they are waiting for newborn white babies. There are over 15,000 unwanted babies in New York City alone. These babies are browner, blacker or older and suffering in the foster care system while waiting to be adopted.

To make matters worse, interracial adoptions are banned in most municipalities. The National Association of Black Social Workers has issued official statements calling interracial adoption “cultural genocide.” Difficulties of cultural assimilation don’t seem nearly so cruel as being up in temporary foster homes and shelters.

But even if interracial adoptions were allowed, millions of children will grow up without loving parents or any parents at all.

I do not write to sway anyone’s stance on abortion. I struggle with my own opinions. But do not be convinced either way by flippantly mentioned facts and figures such as those that have been posted in the DA and around campus.

Morgan Barth ’02

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