Women’s rugby plays Amherst in UVM tournament

Saturday, the Williams women’s rugby team headed up to Burlington, Vt. to play in the Ruggers Against Rape Tournament held by the University of Vermont.

Hampered by illness and injury, the Lady White Dawgs bravely fielded a team eager to prove itself, with a brand new line.

In the first game against Amherst, the Lady White Dawgs began on the defensive. Amherst commited an enormous blunder in the opening minutes, however, confusing the 22-yard line with the tryzone. “I am so stupid!” cried Amherst flyhalf Ursula Stablein, over and over again.

The ’Herst managed to score twice on fluke breakaways in the first half before Williams found its rhythm.

Daunted by the beefy scrum, the Lord Jeffettes made several poor plays under pressure, one being a shoddy kick picked up by Lynn Lim ’01.

Lim took the ball for a long run before setting a ruck.

Shortly thereafter, Roshni David ’01 picked up the loose ball and dove across the try line for the score. The Lord Jeffettes may have scored another try in the second half, but, due to delusions brought on by the intense heat, nothing can be confirmed.

In the second game of the tournament against Middlebury, the line consisted of half scrummies.

Said coach Gina Coleman, “I know the scrummies are nervous about playing on the line, but I have faith in them. I know all about being nervous and experiencing emotional trauma. My cat puked on my face, you know.”

Once again, it took the Lady White Dawgs the first half to adjust to Middlebury. Drained by the heat and hesitant about playing in new positions, Middlebury was able to break through the Williams defense for several tries.

By the second half, the scrum had proved itself stronger than Middlebury’s, with Colleen McNamara ’03 hooking the ball well.

While the weekend was not statistically successful, the Lady White Dawgs showed versatility and potential in its players while enjoying the sun.

Rebecca Rehm ’00 commented that she was “excited to stay overnight and bask in all that [the University of Vermont] has to offer.”

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