White Dawgs’ A-side wins over RPI

The WRFC fought miserable conditions and even more miserable opponents to walk away with a win in their first home game of the spring season.

Riding east over the mountains were the Black Donkeys of the Renessalaer Polytechnic Institute. After an aggressive recruiting program in our nation’s prisons and sanitariums, the Donkeys had pieced together a sizable and impressive A-side.

But the White Dawgs were unfazed, and eager to continue their win streak. From the first whistle, Williams dominated play.

As senior Todd Stiefler said, “Williams dominated play from the first whistle.”

However, this first whistle domination by Williams seemed to fall apart when any White Dawg neared the try line. A progression of missed passes and not caught tosses resulted in balls that were not in people’s hands.

However, as frustration began to set in, WRFC scrum captain in absentia Ian Lewis ’01 put the ball in for five points. Junior kicking sensation Ryan Kurlinski ’01 missed the extra point, putting into doubt whether he was a legitimate sensation, or just really good. The half ended with Williams up by a mere five points and the Black Donkeys still big and angry.

This anger seemed to pay off. In the opening minutes, it appeared as though the second half may indeed be “Donkey time.” With big rucking and a few breakaway runs, RPI looked poised to tie the game.

But Lewis was having none of it. Using Williams’ superior field position, the White Dawg standout ran the ball in for his second try of the game. Kurlinski converted, finally, and was allowed to remain on the team as a result.

Though the Donkeys were able to make a late drive for points, the White Dawgs took the game, 12-5. Reflecting on their third close game in as many weeks, Stiefler said, “We’ve played three close games in the same number of seven day periods, upon reflection.”

The B-side, invigorated by the victory of their elder role models, took to the field ready to swarm. In the first half, Adam Watseznaim ’03 and Seth Pietras ’02 scored unanswered tries in an attempt to get more points than the other team.

Though both extra point attempts were unsuccesful, observers agreed that they were extremely fancy. At halftime, the score sat at 10-0.

The administration of steroids during halftime, though not practiced by the Williams team, seemed to have helped the Black Donkey B-side a great deal. Their berserkerish play in the second half was a testimony to the miracles of modern science.

In that half, the Donkeys used their tooth-hurting, face-bruising, concussion giving, scrum runners to make an impact. Commenting on an attempted scrum tackle that had left him with a hurt tooth, bruised face and a concussion, Stiefler admitted, “they did make an impact.” Such tactics allowed the Donkeys to amass 32 points in the second half, more than enough to beat the White Dawg B’s, who ended the game with 20.

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