What happened to all the squirrels?

I was very saddened to learn that over Spring Break, Stumpy, the tailless squirrel, along with almost every other squirrel in the Mission Park/Dodd House area, was trapped and then destroyed by a pellet shot to the head. Stumpy was a familiar fixture on campus for at least the last five years that I can remember. She was friendly, gentle (she would eat peanuts right from one’s hand) and liked by those who took the time to know her.

What I don’t understand is why she and the others were trapped in the first place. I heard that there was an animal getting into Dodd that someone was trying to trap. This animal was later identified as a raccoon.

Does this mean that every squirrel within shouting distance of Dodd had to be destroyed? I don’t understand why Stumpy and her fellow squirrels could not have simply been relocated to another area if there was a real need to reduce their numbers in that area. Perhaps Hopkins Forest would have been a good spot. If I had known about this “squirrel hunt” in advance, I would have pleaded for their lives. I would have been happy to transport them to another location, off campus if necessary. Heck, they could have come to my house to join the half dozen or so that already live there.

If someone can explain to me why these beautiful creatures were executed, I would love to hear from them.

Judy J. Jones

Reserve Supervisor

Sawyer Library

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