Earth Day celebrations

The Earth Day Festival, held on the 30th anniversary of Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, was the culminating event in a weeklong celebration of our planet.

The week included a variety of activities such as talks on environmental concerns, movie showings, and hikes on Saturday morning.

Talks covered topics from “Land Reform and Environmental Justice: Linking Conservation and Community Development” to a hit presentation by Chuck Matthei, President, Equity Trust. Viewers were drawn to C.E.S. Thursday evening by the tantalizing smell of popcorn and the chance to watch “The Lorax,” “Cane Toads: An Unnatural History,” and “Wild Utah.”

Saturday morning saw a Hoosic River Cleanup that attracted a number of people and achieved its goals.

Also on Saturday was a Sunrise Hike up Pine Cobble, a Wildflower Walk on the Hopper and a Forest Garden Work Session.

The festival itself, organized by the Purple Druids, was held from 12 to 5 p.m. in Goodrich due to weather conditions. A variety of local environmental groups were present, invited to share what they do, spark environmental concern and attract participants.

Both students and local residents flocked to the events to listened to live music and enjoy some good food. Music included Rude Cider, Grassroots and other student performers. Purple Druids member Sarah Klionsky ’03 remarked, “The music was definitely the high point of the day.”

A favorite activity at the festival, especially with the local children, was tie-dying, performed on Earth Day tee-shirts specially designed by Kimberly Kemper ’03. All told the festival was hailed as a success.

Cultural Potluck followed the festivities on Saturday evening, along with a hike on along the Taconic Crest with Professors Hank Art and Dave Detheir, carrying the celebration on into Sunday.

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