CDC, Lit Studies and curriculum review

I’d like to commend the members of the BSU and of MinCo who have worked with the English Department toward rendering its already extensive and carefully thought-through curriculum more multicultural, and who now have formed the Minority Curriculum Review Committee, which will examine other curricula with regard to their diversity. As the chair of the Committee on Diversity and Community, I’d like to offer our committee’s services as a partner for your work.

As a member of the Program in Literary Studies, I’d also like to point out that program’s courses as an alternative—or supplement—to the English department’s offerings. The Lit Studies core courses LITS 202 (The Nature of Narrative), 111 (Traveling Fictions) and 205 (Literature and Psychoanalysis) all examine literatures of various Western and non-Western cultures; in addition, each year there are electives (many cross-listed with English) that explore specific topics, often from a post-colonial perspective. All of the core courses and many of the electives can be taken without prerequisites.

Gail Newman

Professor of German and Chair of the Committee on Diversity and Community

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