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So I stole my column name from Tony Kornheiser. I asked him if I could use it, he never wrote back. Now it looks like I am going to steal his narrative style as well. Some sportswriters call it “clearing out the sports desk.” It’s when you’ve got nothing in particular to whine about, more like a series of seemingly disconnected rants ands raves.

Starting off with a rave: If the weather continues its current trend, that being sunny, 70 degree, nay-a-cloud-in-the-sky weekends, then my GPA is going to hit the skids like an unregistered party in Williams C. If my professors need to get in touch with me, well, uh, actually, you can check e-mail from Taconic, right?

But, seriously folks, Saturday was something that we all deserved. I think Mother Nature realized how ridiculous our regular winter weather season is on its own, and felt especially bad about tossing in three days of snow in April. Knowing the mercurial nature of our weather patterns, will all five of you reading this please knock on wood? Thank you for that.

Saturday was a perfect example of a traditional spring pastime here at Williams, and I don’t mean hitting up Totally Tan. You could go down to Cole and check out men’s and women’s lacrosse best Trinity not three times but twice, and the softball team had a home tournament.

Up the hill, the men’s tennis team was in the process of tearing apart Amherst. A personal note concerning enjoyment taken from watching a fiery young chap named Daniel Matro patrol the courts: I did. Clear on the other side of town at Weston field, track had its lone home meet of the year, and baseball hosted a double dip with the “red menace” from Middletown.

Though, to get the sublime affect of all these athletic events, you must look at the thing in its “totalitarianism.” A long day of watching all these sports is really something that makes you appreciate Williams. But before I bring out the kleenex, I need to break from the light, celebratory tone of the rest of this column, and give update on the NESCAC ruling on NCAA play.

The presidents of NESCAC are set to meet next Wednesday in Boston. This meeting is the last chance that exists to reverse the proposed rules for postseason participation. It is not just NCAA play, however. Other changes, such as a limit on the number of roster spots on the football team, are included in the controversial ruling. The changes to postseason play will also affect each sport in different ways.

To fully address this problem, members of various sports teams and other campus leaders met last week to formulate a plan of attack, one that can stop these changes from taking effect. A document that outlines student concerns and highlights the negative impact that these changes will have on each sport is currently under construction. This mission statement, for lack of a better term, is intended to be supported with the signatures of as many NESCAC athletes as possible, including the captains of every sport at every NESCAC school.

This is no small undertaking. The authors need help to get this done in time for presentation at the meeting on the 26th. This document would be something that not only should have an effect on the proceedings, but should be the only evidence our league presidents need to make a decision that directly influences all of our lives in the years to come. Many of us have friends at other NESCAC schools; if you think you can help, please contact juniors Dan DiCenzo, Jamie Moorhead or Kristen Sullivan as soon as possible.

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