Lady White Dawgs rout Bowdoin

Practice makes perfect and the women’s rugby team was well on its way to a perfect Saturday afternoon, save for a blip at the end of the second half. The Lady White Dawgs downed the Bowdoin Polar Bears 72-5 in a game where teamwork and smart play came together.

Williams received the opening kick. Seconds later, Beth Friedman ’01 got the ball out to Kamille Richards ’00, who sprinted half the length of the pitch to score. Minutes later, Clare Newman ’02 ran the ball in for another five points.

During a Bowdoin scrumdown, the ball came out unnoticed, and Roshni David ’01 broke off to snatch it up. Lynn Lim ’01 streaked upfield to support her, setting up a ruck. David and Katherine Belecki ’01 came to the aide of Lim, followed shortly by the scrum. Friedman got the ball out to Devon DiClerico ’01, who dished it off to Richards for another score.

Richards’ unstoppable speed coupled with the deft passing of Newman, DiClerico, Lim ’01, Leah King ’03 and Julia Cianfarini ’01 would allow her to score a total of four times.

On one try, DiClerico, close to getting tackled, passed the ball off to Richards. As Bowdoin swarmed around Richards, she passed it through traffic back to DiClerico, who ran past the surprised Polar Bears for the score.

Newman ended up scoring three times. DiClerico and Lim scored twice each, and Cianfarini scored once on a long run. Although the line did all the scoring, the scrum was instrumental in securing possession of the ball. Senior Rebecca Rehm and Virginia Despard ’02 bulled into their opponents and drove them for offensive yardage.

David exhibited excellent ball sense, snatching up loose balls and making plays happen. Susie Fyrberg ’00, Yana Dadiamova ’00, Erin Dempsey ’01 and Belecki moved the ball well offensively, punching and setting up textbook rucks.

Said coach Gina Coleman, “I may not know much about swimming, but you guys played some gorgeous rugby today. The support was excellent and the scrum was fantastic.”

The Killer B’s took the field soon after. The initial confusion and panic of inexperience subsided early in the game as the Killer B’s used their excellent running ability and quick thinking to give Bowdoin’s B-side an even match. Liz Lierman ’00 sprinted downfield for long yardage, supported by Tope Akinyele ’03. Several scrumdowns ensued. Bowdoin regained possession to have rookies Victoria Goldman ’01 and Jasmine Mitchell ’03 flatten them. Bowdoin would score shortly thereafter, but not before Lierman, Caroline Messmer ’02 and Newman made some hard tackles. After Bowdoin failed to convert the kick, the score was 5-0.

Minutes later, Messmer got the ball and passed it down the line to Mitchell and Goldman. Goldman took it for some yards and dished it off to scrummie Lashawn Mays ’03 who smoked the Bowdoin defenders to touch the ball down. Williams missed the conversion kick, leaving the score tied at 5-5.

Lauren Aronson ’03, in her debut at scrumhalf, and Katie Gortz ’03 displayed smart aggressive play, making clean key tackles. Farrah Musani ’00 got her head into the rucks and mauls, tracking the ball well. Dorothy Hiersteiner ’03 was quick on her feet, streaking past Bowdoin and tying up the ball. Colleen McNamara ’03 had some nice throw-ins on lineouts to secure possession of the ball.

At the end of the game, the Killer B’s were on the verge of scoring, thanks to a maul set up by Belecki. Fyrberg valiantly tried to touch the ball down, but Bowdoin prevailed, ending the game in a tie.

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