Present Laughter cast and crew recognized

I’m so glad to hear that Darci Powell enjoyed the Cap and Bells’ production of Present Laughter. But she failed to mention any of the cast and crew that made this play a success. I thought I might just give them a mention:

Congrats to…

The cast: Peter Applegate (Morris), Emily Balskus (Daphne), Rebecca Krass (Mrs. Erikson), Joseph Lott (Hugo), Dana Nelson: (Lady Saltburn and costume guru), Catherine Nicholson (Joanna), Katherine Rocker (Liz), Grace Rubenstein (Monica), Peter Van Steemburg (Roland Maule) and Stuart Warshawer (Fred).

And the not-cast: Seth Earn (Bob Vila’s illegitimate heir), Meridith Fruchtman (Technical-American), Jason Greenberg (Set Builder), Elizabeth Healy (A director), Claire Kendrick (Costume diva), Karen Lichtman (Tech extraordinaire), Jessica McLeod (The godmother of noise), Alexander Meriwether (Tech part III), Eric Powers (The wind beneath our wings), Kari Sutherland (Another director), and Emily Thorson (Props – and Curling – idol).

Thanks again guys. It couldn’t have happened without you.

Nick Goodbody ’03

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