Parekh ’01 and Rogers ’01

“…Our hope is that through the student body we can create a community to which everyone belongs and in which everyone participates…”

– Preamble, The College Council Constitution

We want to lead the College Council towards more fully realizing its mission: campus community, student voice, administrative influence. We have experience, a vision, and we have proven commitment, passion, results and accessibility.

We have a new President of the College, Dean of the College, Director of Athletics, Dean of Admissions and Dean of Faculty. Wow! Next year Williams is ready to change. It is essential that as a student body we rally behind a common vision. We must work together to achieve our goals. As a community, all we need is to commit and to collaborate the efforts of all our diverse student groups.


Ami Parekh: I’m a pre-med. Biology and PoliSci Major, the current CC Secretary and I’ve been on CC for 3 years. I am also a JA and on the JA Advisory Committee and Frosh Council. Over the past three years I have been a member of MinCo, the Committee on Community and Diversity (CDC) and Resource Center tutor for Bio.

Todd Rogers: I’m a Religion and Psychology Major, the current Class of ‘’01 Rep to CC, a Writing Workshop tutor and a member of WSO. Last year I was the president of Dodd House and played my final season of varsity lacrosse. Over the past three years I’ve been on various committees, including the current Mascot Committee.

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? +Sunday NY Times in common spaces around campus + Rewrote the CC Bylaws +Established the CC Shuttle to the Mall and Stop and Shop +Established the Staff/Faculty Award +Free HIV Testing for all students +Increasing the use of technology in the classroom (WOLLI) +Established the CC Semester Report + Rewrote the MinCo Constitution.

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? A NEW COLLEGE COUNCIL A more accessible College Council, where students feel comfortable, where diversity and difference are respected, and where collective projects are accomplished. A start: 1. Moving Weekly Office Hours to Mission, the Snack Bar and Goodrich to increase approachability. 2. New model for College Council projects: Modeled after the Log Committee’’s Winter Study success, ideas are to be conceived of and brought to College Council, but the project groups themselves are to consist of largely non-College Council students to increase involvement. 3. Continue to push through projects like the Weight Room, NESCAC, and Improved Advising.


The most prominent concern that you all have expressed to us is the sense that this campus is deeply fractured. Amid an air of civility and comfort, we simply tend to not take advantage of the incredible diversity here at Williams. This school’’s greatest asset is us, the student body. We need to make a greater effort to come together and College Council must be the leader in facilitating this effort.

1. The Social Scene: Though it is not CC’s role to plan or coordinate parties, it is CC’s role to express the needs and desires of the students. As the student body cries for an improved social scene, CC must facilitate an improved representative social governance that encourages diverse and fun activities. In order to do so it is essential to coordinate planned communication between the seven separate groups that are currently responsible for our social life.

2. Inter-group socialization: We envision a College Council of a student body that takes risks, a CC that facilitates and encourages inter-group interaction.

3. CC must actively collaborate with and support campus minority groups: CC must extend itself to represent the issues that are important to all of its constituents. CC should work alongside other groups to push towards the achievement of common goals.


Williams College is cut off from the rest of the world. It is vitally important that we cultivate a care and awareness of the issues that effect us and our world. This concern and care does not begin later in life: college is when we protest! There’s a reason Mission was designed to be riot-proof! We plan to support and encourage politically focused campus projects and groups like the coming April Social Responsibility projects and the increased availability of news around campus.

We need to hear from you. Talk to us…

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