MacDougall ’01 and Quinn ’02

Greetings Williams College Community,

Our names are Robert MacDougall and Brendan Quinn, and we have decided to enter the election to serve this campus as co-presidents of the college council. After three years as active members of the student body, we feel the time is right to translate the perceptions and viewpoints of our fellow Ephs into legislative action in student government.

The experience of being involved in organizations and various social groups on campus has enabled us to have a fresh and realistic understanding of the cares and concerns of the greater student populations here at Williams. From a personal standpoint, we have both had incredible experiences as members of the Williams community, and we understand what a truly impressive institution this is.

When asked by friends from outside the Williams community about our feelings concerning Williams, we often describe the positive challenges that exist for each student Monday through Friday. Hard work in academics and extracurricular activities emerge, from the Williams student who challenges him/herself. Ephs gain intellectual stimulation by working with some of the finest professors in the country, and the tight-knit community allows students to apply lesson of the classroom to the larger outside world. All this being said, Williams is not perfect. It does, however, have the means to make significant improvements in certain areas that noticeable effect student life.

Many students here at Williams feel that college council has degenerated into an organization that is closed to the larger body of students. For various reasons, many students have lost hope in the fact that their individual voice of concern can truly instigate change. That is where we enter, to provide and demand that students from all corners of campus us an accessible college council to make Williams the perfect balance of intellectual, social, and character forming opportunities.

The broader platform that we will be campaigning on will be to commit ourselves to restoring a powerful voice to students. This ideology will include efforts to provide open communication between students and administration in the hopes to eliminate problems that often arise form misunderstandings between Hopkins Hall and the student body, and viceversa. We will strive to create a amore unified campus body, where groups with varying concerns and needs will know each other through open cooperation.

Most importantly, we are the candidates who want to know what you want! Our detailed platform has been formed through a collective effort of our ideas and the ideas of those we have interacted with here at Williams. Let us know in the weeks ahead how you think we have interacted with here at Williams. Let us know in the weeks ahead how you think Williams can be improved…it matters to us.

Don’t Vote for the Status-Quo, Return Representation to College Council!

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