Booker ’01 and Swisher ’01

In order to best represent you, College Council Co-Presidents must already know how this campus works, there is no time for on-the-job training. We have more campus leadership experience than anyone else.

Phil is the President of Housing Committee, Chair of the Residential Improvement Committee, Director of the College Council Motor Coach Service, a two-year member of the College Council Finance Committee, and a current member of College Council. He has effectively managed over $100,000 in budgets in his various positions, in addition to his College Council Finance Committee subgroups, which have been allocated over $200,000 in the last two years.

Felton is the JA Co-President, Co-Coordinator of the Williams Community Builders Program, Co-founder of Entrepreneurs @Williams, a Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Grievance Counselor, a member of the JA Advisory Committee and of the Committee on Diversity and Community.

Our vision for College Council is to make it more responsive to your concerns. College Council needs to become a more aggressive advocate for the student body. College Council should not be a slow-moving bureaucracy, rather a streamlined and efficient advocacy group striving to improve the campus.

When you elect people to College Council, you expect them to produce results. We strongly believe in accountability, and will spend our first weeks in office canvassing the campus and seeking out the issues that you want addressed. Once we have identified the key issues, we will assign specific College Council members to each issue, and make them accountable to you by having them post their progress on the College Council webpage for all to see.

While anyone can create a vision on paper, we have the experience with the administration, within College Council, and having already led other groups to make it happen. If you have any doubts, check our track record. Ask anyone in the Dean’s Office, Security, Housing Office or the President’’s Office about us and our abilities.

We know how Williams works and how to get things done.

Felton & Phil: Proven Leadership.

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