One in 2000: Boudhayan Sen

Residence: Lambert. The big room in the back.

Majors: Biology and Math.

Hometown: I don’t really have a hometown. I was born in Calcutta, but I’ve traveled all over the place. Istanbul would be my temporary hometown.

You are a regular citizen of the world?

Yeah, if you want to call it that.

Do you have a hero?

I used to have a hero. It was Sherlock Holmes, until I realized that implementing his work habits in a place like Williams really screws you over. That stopped really quickly.

Can you comment more specifically on his work habits?

Well, he smoked a lot of opium, worked frenetically for awhile and then didn’t work at all for days.

And that doesn’t cut it at Williams?

It just doesn’t cut it, especially the opium part.

You are a senior here, do you have any ambitions for after Williams?

All of my ambitions seemed to have got swallowed up during the recruiting process. So, I am hoping that after a few years of work something will flower-up. I’ll just have to wait until then.

Do you have any kind of personal motto?

No, but a professor told me once that I am complete hedonist and that I follow a pure pleasure principle. So, if that counts as a motto.

At least you enjoy life?

Yes, I try to.

What are your three favorite music albums?

Dire Straits, the best of Dire Straits album that came out, I think, last year. Barenaked Ladies’ Stunt, which I liked a lot. My friend just gave me the Eiffel 65 CD, which is very nice.

You like the “Blue” song?

“Blue” is ok, but there are some other very good songs on that.

Do you have a favorite movie?

Yes, The Insider. I thought that was a very clever movie.

Coming from another country, what made you choose Williams?

I always get asked this question in interviews. I actually came here because of a friend who recommended it. I didn’t come here because of the weather. When I applied I knew nothing about the weather.

It’s too cold here?

I might have changed my mind if I knew how cold it gets. It’s too late for that, four years down the road.

Can you tell me something about yourself now that would shock your friends from high school?

The fact that quite often I smoke like a chimney, which I never did in high school. I was such a good little boy.

Would you say that Williams has corrupted you?

I would say so, but in a good way. It’s definitely more fun.

What’s the best Williams event you attended this year?

I have to say that the best events are not Williams events, but those dinners that you get taken out for at places like Main St. Café. Those are really spectacular. Now that I’ve turned 21 – I turned 21 yesterday – I can actually sign up for the wine-tasting club so I’m looking forward to that.

So I have to ask, where did you celebrate your 21st birthday?

In a lot of places. Mostly places that serve alcohol.

Complete the phrase, “When I woke up this morning, I knew without a doubt that…”

It would be another poached egg lunch day. I live in a co-op if that helps explain.

Anything else you want to share with the college?

I have found that as a complete beginner, if you are learning to ski cross-country and you want to make a turn and you know you can’t do it, lower yourself gently to the ground, sit on your skis and hit the snowbank in a sitting position. That’s my lesson from this winter and last.

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