WCFM: we did not sanction posters

Last week someone took it upon himself or herself to put up posters along the first floor of Mission Park claiming to be from WCFM. These posters were of a completely naked woman with one of our Senior DJ’s facebook picture posted on the head. The only text on it was “WCFM 91.9.” WCFM would like to make it explicitly clear that we had nothing to do with these posters. Upon seeing them, some of the Board Members that live in Mission sent out an email to the DJ listserv. We made it clear that anything of the sort is unacceptable behavior and asked that whoever it was come forth. Unfortunately, no one did. The DJ whose face was used also sent an email out letting people know how he felt about the situation. In the end, there was nothing we could do but take down the posters and let the DJ community know that this is unacceptable. Please accept our sincerest apologies and understand that we had nothing to do with this nor do we condone any such behavior.

WCFM Board of Directors

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