Black History Month: Student Poetry


Now is the time where you should be striving

Because I am and if you aren’t

I will surpass you

In all things

Now is the time for you to start learning

And become the true being

That you were created to be

Because I AM

Now is the time that we do not have to waste

On useless things, but spend on success and prosperity

For I am succeeding

Without your words

Now is the time for the work to be done

And not to be left for the next man to accomplish

Because my work is here

My work is now

Now is the time for you to stop and see

Smell the stench of unclean lives and filth

Lurking ahead of us waiting for

The next generation

Now is the time for you to stand and give your opinion

For you are just as valuable as the next man

And his words are power

Just like yours

Now is the time that we as a people can see a new heaven

And the old earth passing away from us

For we are leaving behind

A familiar place

Now is the time for you to look at me and see me for my beauty

Look into my eyes and see where I have been

Because I too travel far

Yet cannot return

Now is the time for mother’s to start to educate their children

And not leave their nurturing undone

Mothers please help them to live

For they can

Now is the time for a man to cry and stand behind his facade

Breaking it thoroughly and destroying

All thoughts of his weakness for

He is human

Now is the time for a child to be a child and stay within their bounds

For children do learn how to live by what they see

And this world

Is very dark

Now is the time for forever to be tomorrow and dreams will become reality

Life must have freedom to run and play

And not be confined to the boundaries

Of the mind

Now is the time when I can look out and see how things truly are

For my eyes have been opened

And I can foretell the future of

The black race

Now is the time for you and I to live and learn while teaching and inspiring

Others around us to press on on a journey

That goes not to the strong

But to the persistent

Now is the time for me to educate myself while at the same time uplifting you

So that you may grow and spread forth your wings

To fly higher than I because of

Who you are

Now is the time for you to break free and see just how beautiful you are

Know that you are black and be proud of the fact

That you are a nation

You are AFRICA

–Jason Lucas ’02



Slur into the speed of this

This wonderful place

Interstellar positions

Collide with super novas and chords

Of sweet smelling rifts

Lulling vibes and slow spaces

In between my hi-hat cymbals

Thrusting out life and tonation series

Grasping the melodic beauty of

The winding gold tenor love wand

Pull it close and let its soul

Resonate through your mind

As it winds like the Nile

Through your corridors of the idiom

You become possessed by the syncopated

Styles of “The Roach”

Blazing tones by a short blue madman

Fill your ears with a mellow beat

Catch his addiction as he

Explodes into this fused world of

New birth and death of legendary


Ivory teeth are pressed lightly as

Ten men stride across them

Pulling along the day

Draining you of troubles and problems

The LP spins as your fingers snap lightly

Combined with the loose nodding of your head

With the sizzling of the snare



Foot-stomping and thigh-tapping

It is never ending

And you become swept away

By the power of the music

The wind blows through you suddenly

And you become engulfed in this collage

Of technique and improvisation

As the Trane passes you by

You soon realize where you are

OH YES, you sigh

This is true music

This is Jazz!

–Jason Lucas ’02

Look Upon Me

Look upon me brother,

Beautiful, soft spoken brother.

If you find me gentle

It is only a reflection of

Your own tenderness –

You understand that being strong and manly

Is not measured by how hard

You hit your woman


How quick you are to strike

In her defense

Look upon me

My beauty is a reflection of

Your desire

Look upon me

If you find me more beautiful

Than the Nile

It is your own sweet love

Within me dreaming


To be born

Look upon me LOVER

And if you find me pleasing


–Angel Simmons ’03

Streams of Gold

My Queen, the force who holds

The world together and who destroys

All fear and uncertainty and doubt in

Your head is bowed down, your chest

Sunken in, I hear your pain and

Feel your cries but you are solid

On the outside

Your strength moves

Mountains your will moves the earth

The sea trembles at your fury and calms

With your laughter I can find happiness

Enough to move my life on to

The next day beckons me to find

You are all I have wanted to have

In my life I found much pain and

Despair with you there was only joy

When I had you I never realized the

Precious thing, you mean the world

For me there is nothing else that is

Important things come and go as

The hours of the day tick by

Slowly I realize that

The most important thing has streams of

Gold running down her cheeks and

I am not there to wipe them away.

–Michael Brown ’00

We Are Like

acwWe are like a cloud in the sky,

Wispy, graceful, delicate, free.

With the possibility to become

Whatever we want to be.

We are like the desert sands,

Moving with time constantly changing

But we will always be together

Despite the rearranging.

We are like petals on a rose

Soft, silky, beautiful, sweet

Working with each other

Our goals we may meet.

We are like all of these things

Yet we are so much more

Take my hand and walk with me

To find what life has in store.

Our futures lay before us

The past lies behind

Look over your shoulder

But always keep in mind

I will always love you

And I WILL be there

And there is nothing in the world

Like the love we will share.

So here we stand again

Back where we were before

This time I will cherish you always

You’re the one that I adore.

–Michael Brown ’00

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