Black History Month: A Brother’s Love

A Brother’s Love

Have you ever witnessed a “Brother Hug”?

I am sure you have…they are hard not to notice. They occur between family, friends, friends of friends and complete strangers.

Whether used as a greeting or departure it is so much more than that! Handshake and pounds are alright, but they miss one crucial ingredient! So, let’s break it down! First, two right hands make contact, linked at the thumbs…nice and firm.

Next, the clasped hands pull the brothers together…chest to chest…man to man.

The following step is the most important and meaningful part. It’s when the free left arm comes up and hugs your brother…completing the package.

This moment…those few seconds spent embraced in your brother’s arms are deep…beautiful…and REAL!!!

With or without words this gesture speaks loud! Can you hear it? It hollers, “I got nuthin but love for my brothers!!!”

So the next time you witness this act of Brotherly Love…nod your head and try to silently understand what is going on.

PEACE OUT, and to all my Brothers…MUCH LOVE !

–Raymond K. Jones

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