To the Editor: Karpoff column elitist and arrogant

After reading Tim Karpoff’s editorial, “The Responsibilities of Privilege,” in last week’s paper, I started thinking. He writes that “a certain English professor referred to us as ‘The American Elite.’”

I’ve heard that line before. In class, many of my professors have gone on about how smart and wonderful we Williams students are, how we aren’t like “those kids at Mass. College of Liberal Arts and all those state schools,” as if “those kids” are ignorant and stupid because they don’t attend some grossly overpriced liberal arts college like Williams.

I’m all about free press, but printing this garbage in the Record just adds to the air of arrogance and self-importance common in both students and professors here.

And a message to all the professors and students: Why are we elite? Because we got a decent SAT score and got some paper published? I don’t think so. If we have a responsibility “to give something back,” its not because we go to some fancy liberal arts college, it’s because we are human beings. We are not elite. Thinking that one is elite is just a pathetic way to inflate the ego.

Lucy Suran ’01

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