Catalano offers clarification

I need to clarify some information in the Op Ed piece of mine you published last week, specifically the paragraph describing Rawn and Associates’ efforts to include teaching space in the new Center. You printed:

“Their ideas are attractive, efficient and exciting, while less than we originally asked for—providing no room for teaching.”

The text I originally sent you was:

“Their ideas are attractive, efficient and exciting. While less than we initially asked for-providing no room for growth of either program-we believed we could find ways to make the building work for both Theatre and Dance. We had squeezed the space to its minimum—and a bit beyond—to meet the budget. But the only way to provide for the more than 75 dance participants and 25-30 theatre students (not all theatre students are theatre majors) was to maintain control of when performances and other public events would take place in the building.”

I realize that you must edit for space, and in your e-mail of 1/5/00 I was shown edits of the first two paragraphs only, which I approved. Unfortunately, the text that was omitted later in the article is crucial. It implies that no spaces in the building are for teaching. This is not true, there are several studios, and a design classroom currently planned for the building.

I feel it is important this inaccuracy be quickly and prominently corrected.

Cosmo Catalano

Production Manager & Lecturer

Department of Theatre

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