Remodel of the Log proposed

As an effort to address the lack of adequate social spaces on campus, the College has decided to implement a proposal to renovate the Log. The initial changes will be made in time for Winter Study.

The proposal was set forth by the Log Improvement Committee, (LIC) which is chaired by Carrie Ryan ’00. Also on the committee are Bria Larson ’00; Chris Ripley ’01; Eain Williams ’01; Mayur Deshmukh ’01; Steve Eyre ’03; Damian Zunino ’00; Helen Aitken, Associate Director of Dining Services; Rich Kelley, Director of Student Activities and Tom McEvoy, Director of Housing.

According to the LIC, “Our proposal is simple: to re-energize the Log so that it becomes a space where students can interact with others they have come to know as members of the same community.”

The goal of the LIC is to establish the Log as a campus gathering space. Additions to the Log will include comfortable fireside furniture that will give the space more of a “comfortable ski-lodge atmosphere,” according to McEvoy.

Other changes include moving the foosball and air hockey tables from their current in the front room to accommodate the new furniture. To make the space more enticing the plan is also to provide cider and hot cocoa as well as subscriptions to current periodicals such as The New York Times, Newsweek and Time.

The most important aim of the project, according to Ryan is to fill what she identifies as “a dearth of social space on campus.” Goodrich is ideal for concerts, she said, but the LIC is trying to create a place for relaxation. “There are places where you work, and places where you study, but there should be a third place to get away from your work, to meet people and to relax,” Ryan said.

Another goal of the project is to open the Log for student use during more hours of the day. One idea is to have the kitchen serve food such as pizza, nachos and wings in the evening.

The LIC is also working on making the Log more inviting to faculty members who could potentially use the space for class or tutorial meetings. The LIC has ensured that none of the new hours or functions will conflict with previously established Log functions including the CES Log lunches on Friday’s.

In addition, the plan calls for the purchase of a big-screen TV to encourage people to hang out in the back pub area. In addition to domestic beers now being served, the Committee also plans to provide Guinness and several Microbrews on tap.

As far as general questions of alcohol, “We want [the Log] to stress responsible drinking, but we don’t want it to revolve around alcohol,” Ryan said. “If you want to get beer you can…[otherwise] you can sit down and hang out.” She stresses that the new Log will be primarily a pub, not a bar, and as such non-drinking activities will be provided.

According to Jean Thorndike, Director of Security, the Dining Services employees who work at the bar will be responsible for checking IDs and monitoring the bar to make sure that alcohol is not being passed down to underage students.

Thorndike does not foresee any problems in terms of controlling alcohol and is very excited about the project in general. “The ambiance will not be conducive to a keg-culture,” she said. “It will be much more of a social gathering place, almost like a restaurant. I myself am looking forward to enjoying some hot cocoa there in the mornings.”

The currently used plastic cups at the bar could also be replaced with 16 oz. mugs for beer, which Ryan explains would also give the atmosphere less of a “keg-party feel.”

The proposed changes are all scheduled to be implemented by the Log’s opening after Christmas break on January 4. “Our plan is to have [the Log] open and fully functional by the time students get back,” Ryan said.

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