One in 2000: Ira Boudway

Name: Ira Boudway

Class Year: Senior

Dorm: Wood

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Hometown Hero: Randy Johnson (and his mullet)

Favorite Books in Translation: The Aeneid, The Brothers Karamazov

Favorite unprintable curse word: [gracious!]

Favorite city you’ve never visited: Dublin

Opinion about the possibility of certainty: Yes.

Favorite Five Albums: Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited; Van Morrison, Tupelo Honey; Willie Nelson, Red Headed Stranger; Dire Straits, Communique; Rolling Stones Let it Bleed

What is your favorite thing about Williams?

The Williams Record?

We can’t print lies.

My favorite thing about Williams is probably a select group of the student body. If you’d like people who are not part of that group, I can provide a list.

If you had it to do over again, would you still come here?

Yeah, I think so. More or less.

What did you think of Homecoming?

I enjoyed the game, because we won it. It was an exciting game, and a close game, that we shouldn’t have won, so it was kind of nice.

We shouldn’t have won?

Because we were outplayed. But we won again because Amherst can’t beat us. Don’t print the part about being outplayed because then I’ll get my… I’ll get beat up.

There sure were a lot of alums there, eh?

Uh. Yes, some of them I recognized.

Do you expect you’ll be back for homecoming after you graduate?

No. I’ll probably be too far away. I have no plans; I don’t think that far ahead.

If we let history be our guide, we should probably just resign ourselves right now to being alumni with an attachment to this place that is so strong as to approach ridiculousness. When do you think that alumni sentiment really kicks in? Even in your own experience – are you growing fonder of the place or getting more critical as the years go by?

I think I’m getting more critical in more substantial ways. As a freshman I had typical and easy criticisms of the College, and now I have criticisms but I feel they are more legitimate.

What sort of criticisms?

I think there are a lot of things that colleges and higher education in general are guilty of, such as a lack of communication between disciplines and a real tendency toward becoming a corporate finishing school rather than a liberal arts institution. Things like that – where it’s career training.

So when do you think that alumni impulse kicks in?

I think it doesn’t kick in for everybody. I hope. But I would say it’s probably pretty tough to go through the whole Commencement process without having that. People who probably didn’t think they were capable of it find themselves getting choked up.

How do you pass your time here at Williams?

Sleeping, worrying about, but not doing work. I pass my time with people – we’re up to a lot of hijinks.

Are there any absolute values, or are all values relative?

There are [absolute values].

Are you a Packers fan?

(shocked) Am I a Packers fan? No.

Me neither. What is the purpose of a liberal arts education?

It is to make us better people.

Has the endeavour failed if I don’t have a job next year?

Not necessarily.

What if I work in consulting?


How much does a car tell you about the person who drives it?

A car speaks a great deal to a person’s personality. For instance, somebody who drives a very old car is either a good mechanic, poor, or has an appreciation for classic things.

So if someone doesn’t have a car?

Either they can’t own a car, or they have some objection to owning one. I would like to be able to live without a car. I probably will have one, but I admire people who go without.

Is there anything I’ve forgotten to ask?

Who are my heroes?

Who are they?

Wendell Berry, Dorothy Day, Emiliano Zapato.

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