Dodd to offer ethnic menu

Dining Services is currently planning and implementing several new dining options for students at Dodd House dining hall in response to an increasing number of student requests for more variety in the dining hall menus.

Dodd House is undergoing a program revamp in order to add more choices to its daily menu. Currently, the five main dining halls on campus have the same basic menus on a given day. Many students have complained that this does not provide them with enough choice at meal times.

In response to these requests, Dodd has already started a new deli-lunch program this semester. Although the dining hall still serves part of the menu offered by the other four dining halls, a sandwich option is also available.

Students can now enjoy their choice of hamburgers, subs and other sandwich items. A vegetarian sandwich option is also always available in the new program. In addition, Dodd has improved its salad bar by adding fresh-cut fruits and more vegetables to its usual offerings.

Next semester, Dining Services hopes to install a new dinner program at Dodd. From Sunday to Thursday, the dining hall will serve specialties from different ethnic and regional cuisines. These may include Cajun, Asian, Southwestern, New England and other cuisines from around the world. Dodd management predicts that this program will start as early as February and will run on a three week cycle throughout the semester.

Dodd House will also host and plan a sit-down dinner option once a month starting next semester in a new program called “Dine Out at Dodd.” Students will be admitted with reservations only and will be able to enjoy an upscale, restaurant atmosphere, complete with a menu to order from and table service. This is projected to begin in February as well.

These changes in Dodd’s meal program are being made as a result of student feedback through the yearly dining survey and through the comment card program located in each of the dining halls.

Alexandre M. da Silva, Associate Director of Dining Services, explained that Dining Services has decided to provide more options at Dodd because most students eat at the dining halls seven days a week and, therefore, need more variety in their meals.

“Dining Services is trying to provide flexibility and versatility in our program. We would like to enhance our overall program so that students have a ‘pace-changer’ in their meal schedules,” da Silva said.

However, students have mixed feelings about these changes. Bennett Cousins ’03 said, “I think that these are really creative ideas, but I feel that there are more important things that they can work on, such as longer dining hall hours.”

Others feel that the changes will be beneficial to students, who often need an escape from their usual schedules. “I think this is a really nice idea because Dodd has the right atmosphere for a restaurant-type meal and I really appreciate the efforts they are making at Dining Services,” said Caroline Fan ’03 with regard to the “Dine Out at Dodd” program.

The current Dodd staff and management as well as the Associate Director of Dining Services will undertake the changes in Dodd’s offerings. They do not project a need for additional staff or funding for these projects.

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