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To the Editor:

I would like to express my regret that a person with opinions such as Nelson Hioe is the treasurer of College Council. According to the article published in last week’s Record, Nelson feels that because he does not think the Mad Cow is funny, it does not deserve funding. What if I were to say that I don’t think Nelson is funny, so I think he should not receive any support from this college?

If College Council is going to adopt a policy on which it only funds organizations that are popular, it is overstepping its bounds. After my utter dismay at the actions of College Council in regards to funding this semester, I am all in favor of the suggestion in the November 9 Record editorial that would try to put funding power in Richard Kelly’s hands. Hand it all over to him.

Nelson likes to say that as College Council changes its bylaws, there will be growing pains. The problem is that CC has not instituted any official changes in funding policy. Therefore, to hold random groups to half-baked policies not yet instituted is unacceptable, and does not fall under the category of legal.

If CC were going to change its policy of distributing funding, I would certainly hope that votes of popularity would be conducted across campus and not randomly decided by the whims of Hioe. To add a clause that this policy would not apply to sports teams is ludicrous. If you claim to be thinking about a popularity based funding structure, you better bet it should apply to every single organization on this campus. I’d make a wager that SAC wouldn’t get a quarter of the budget for the year. Popularity contests are dangerous.

I am not writing this letter as a member of the Literary Review, I am writing this letter as a member of the campus community who has had enough of CC. Why don’t we take a vote on how many students think CC is popular enough to continue to exist?

Amy Sprengelmeyer ’00

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