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To the Editor:

After reading David Tunick’s letter alleging the water polo team being abusive and dishonest hosts of the New England tournament Nov. 23-24, I was ashamed — not of my water polo team, but of my newspaper. If a single reporter had attended the games, the Record would have known better than to print what amounts to nothing more than a pack of lies. The Record would have known, for instance, that Williams players could not have singled out a Yale player for two days of abusive heckling because Williams players only attended Yale’s final game of the weekend. The Record also would have known that no basis existed for Tunick’s cowardly qualified allegations that Williams players manning the desks cheated in favor of their hated rival Dartmouth, or for the implication that clock mismanagement could have been the difference in Yale’s 10-3 drubbing. The Record would also have known that Tunick’s suggestion that a chaperone would have kept the

Williams crowd from getting “out of control” was hypocritical, as Yale’s coach presided over one of his players charging and swearing at the referee – in one of the most offensive acts I’ve seen in my many seasons of water polo. The Record did not know any of these things because no reporters were present over the weekend, not even among the otherwise spectacularly large crowd for Saturday’s semifinal with Dartmouth. Ruling out both pursuit of fact and support, I can not find any decent motive in either writing or printing Tunick’s slanderous letter. Poor sportmanship, bad journalism, or just a vendetta. Whichever, I vainly hope the Record will eliminate such sentiments from its pages in the future.

Jon Wiener ’02

Williams Water Polo

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