Homemade sauce sales rub lacrosse team the right way

Food lovers all over campus have been abuzz with the recent arrival of a delicious dry marinade out of the recipe book of legendary Williams head lacrosse and assistant football coach Renzie Lamb. The name of the instant success is “Renzie’s Rub,” and it is a dry marinade popularly used in cooking steaks but also favorably applied to many other meats, salads and casseroles. The Rub appropriately slogans itself as “the spice of the Purple Valley” and has been selling faster than production at campus sporting events for the past month.

While the recipe for “Renzie’s Rub” has prospered for a number of generations in the Lamb family, it is being publicly sold for the first time ever as a fundraiser for the Williams men’s lacrosse team. Initiative to market the Rub originated from lacrosse defensemen James Moorhead ’01, who after tasting the team’s year-end barbecue last spring refused to allow Lamb to keep it to himself any longer. Said Moorhead, “After witnessing the response the Rub received at the team barbecue, I realized the potential value of selling the Rub as a meaningful fundraiser for our team.”

Public response for the Rub has been positive. Profits from the marinade will help reduce the costs for the team’s annual spring break trip to Florida, where they will play other schools from all over the country. In conjunction with the financial success of the Rub, the learning experience that has accompanied producing and selling a product has been uniquely valuable, while also giving the team the opportunity to strive for a goal off the field.

For the past several weeks, Friday nights at the Lamb house have found the athletes mixing together hundreds of bottles of the Rub. Moorhead has orchestrated the production from scratch to display table, but Kevin Reilly ’02, Blair Bartlett ’02, John Moorhead ’99 and C.M.O. (Chief Mixing Officer) Sam Wilson ’02 have provided significant assistance. First-year players Chris Hayes, Freeden Oeur, Pete Thomson and Mike Buscher have also been willing laborers in the production of the Rub. Lamb commented, “the Rub has been passed through the Lamb family for years and far outdoes any [other] sauce marinade that can be put on meat. The product has also been marketed very well and I am pleased to see the initiative of our guys paying off.”

While Lamb has agreed to leak his recipe for the production of the Rub, he still has a hand in the creation, as he personally blesses each batch that the team makes. Lamb has also personally autographed hundreds of photographs of himself for any customer that buys two or more bottles of the seasoning.

Local businesses have also begun to support the lacrosse team by promoting “Renzie’s Rub” in any way possible. As of last week, customers at the Purple Pub Bar and Restaurant can make a donation of 50 cents to the men’s lacrosse team and get a serving of “Renzie’s Rub” on their hamburgers. The response to this offer has been excellent and has benefited both the team and the restaurant. St. Pierre’s Barbershop on Spring Street has also agreed to sell the seasoning to their customers.

The majority of sales have taken place during the soccer and football games on campus in the last few weeks, and the rub will continue to be sold at such venues in the week ahead. A “Renzie’s Rub” display table will be at this weekend’s homecoming football game against Amherst.

Lamb himself sees the dry marinade as the future of barbecuing in America. “Long gone are the days of saucy marinades,” stated Lamb. “Simply put, the idea of a wet marinade is passe. As the new millennium approaches, the staple spices of every kitchen table in America will be salt, pepper, and Renzie’s Rub.”

Those living off-campus who would like support the men’s lacrosse team by ordering “Renzie’s Rub,” may call James Moorhead at (413) 597-6512 or contact him by e-mail at 01jgm@williams.edu.

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