Lady Dawgs lose shirts to Amherst

Saturday, the Lady White Dawgs faced Amherst in a series of grueling games. While the outcome was not ideal, Williams played one of its strongest games of the season, not once relenting and only losing in terms of the final score. The A-side fell 24-7, and the B-side lost 12-0.

In the A-side game, the Lady White Dawgs came out hard, immediately moving the ball into Amherst territory. Erin Dempsey ’01 made key steals off of the Lady Jeff’s lineouts to regain possession. Lynn Lim ’01, Roshni David ’01 and Devon DiClerico ’01 made key tackles to prevent an Amherst offensive.

Somehow, Amherst, on a fluke breakaway, got near the tryzone, but the Lady White Dawg defense held them back until Healy Thompson ’03 booted the ball out to midfield. Under the quick pressure of Moira Shanahan ’01 and Kamille Richards ’00, Amherst was unable to catch the ball and knocked it on, resulting in a scrumdown to white. Williams got the ball out only to have Amherst tie up the ball in a maul, but the driving of Jasmine Klatt ’03 moved the ball deeper into Amherst territory. The ’Herst tried to kick the ball out of dangerous territory but Clare Newman ’02 blocked the kick.

Charging slowly upfield, Beth Friedman ’01 flattened the Amherst flyhalf, causing her to fumble the ball. Rebecca Rehm ’00 and Yana Dadiomova ’00 quickly swarmed in, followed by Katherine Belecki ’01, setting up a ruck. Lizzie Jacobs ’01, aided by Amy Balas ’01, picked up the ball and punched through the dark scrum.

Still moving the ball forward, Amherst was able to tie up the ball in a maul. Since Williams had brought it in, Amherst was rewarded with a scrumdown. Williams was unable to steal it, but the tackling of DiClerico caused a midair fumble. Richards was there for the snatch and streaked through the surprised defense for the try. DiClerico’s conversion was good, and the Lady White Dawgs ended the half 7-0.

Amherst was able to break through several times off of fluke plays in the second half. Braving high tackles and dirty play on the ground, Williams stood tough with clean sportsmanlike conduct. At the end of the game, The Lady White Dawgs stood with heavy hearts, but knew deep down they had played their hearts out

Moments later, the Killer B’s stepped out onto the field. Undaunted by the opponents, Lauren Aronson ’03 and Kim Quigley ’03 came out with hard tackles, pressuring the line on the inside. Kate Figge ’01 was able to steal some lineouts from Amherst despite the opponents not throwing the ball in straight.

The first of Amherst’s tries came off a nice ruck off a hard tackle by Audrey Herzig ’03. However, inexperience and nerves kicked in when Williams won the ruck but the ball rolled backwards into the tryzone. Julia Balduzzi ’03 touched it down defensively to end the play, but Amherst put it down moments later.

The Killer B’s would hold off Amherst for most of the first half, thanks to the excellent mauling and tackling of Cate Williamson ’00. Kaitlin Rahl ’02 and Sara Hausner-Levine ’02 also had key tackles and kept quick pressure on the Lady Jeffs’ line. Virginia Despard ’02 was quick to the ball in rucks and mauls, as were Lauren Flinn ’03 and Tamika Murray ’03. Colleen McNamara ’03 and Melissa Daly ’03 took advantage of Amherst hesitation in scrumdowns, raking the ball back into Williams’ possession.

Tegan Cheslack-Postava ’00 gave hardly an inch to the Amherst scrumhalf, spoiling their attempts to get the ball out of the scrum.

Again, off a fluke breakaway, the Lady Jeffs scored again; but the Killer B’s would hold them off for the entire second half, with Lashawn Mays ’03 and Williamson again making key tackles. Williamson and Hausner-Levine made crucial plays in mauls to gain possession of the ball. Near scoring opportunities came off of long runs by Herzig and Rahl, but unsupported, they were unable to get into the tryzone alone.

With the season over, the WWRFC can finally take a long awaited hiatus to prepare for the spring season and Spring Tour in Ireland.

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