One in 2000

Home: New Rochelle, NY

Williams residence: Pratt

Mariah Carey: yes or no?

No. She sucks! I don’t really listen to her music all that much – I guess it’s not really my thing – but all of her music sounds the same to me.

What do you think about her short skirts? Annoying or cute?

I really wish I had a butt like that. No, but it’s annoying…it’s both, but it’s definitely more annoying.

How many times have you changed a tire?


Is Elvis really dead?


You don’t believe the hype?


Hotter: Antonio Banderas or Brad Pitt?

Antonio Banderas. Because Brad Pitt looks like a chipmunk.

But Antonio Banderas is married. Does that decrease his hotness?

Well, they’re both completely unattainable, so it doesn’t really matter.

How many times have you forgotten your mailbox combination this year?

Three or four. This first time I got it they [mailroom employees] gave it to me for free because they felt bad for me. And the other times, it’s like – well once you stop trying to think about it and close your eyes and just start twisting, it just happens.

What do you think about Goldfish crackers now having smiles on their little faces?

I eat them either way, so…

You don’t feel worse knowing that you’re eating a smiling fish?


Bob Dylan or Rolling Stones?


What kind of music do you like?

Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan.

Political Science or History, and why?

History. I don’t really know why; I just hate Poli Sci.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: cute or annoying?

She really is cute. She kind of looks like a mouse, but she’s still really cute.

Automatic or manual transmission?


Do you know how to drive stick?

No. My car’s automatic.

Oh, no! WWF or WCW?

WWF. My little brother watches it.

Guns N’ Roses or Bon Jovi?

Bon Jovi – because of “Livin’ on A Prayer.”

If I said two-tone, would you know what musical genre I was referring to?


What a shame. Do you like anything besides Tori and Sarah?

I listen to Rent a lot. I like a lot of stuff I wouldn’t really categorize.

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?

This [hemp necklace]. One of my campers made it for me over the summer.

Have you ever dyed your hair?

Many, many, many times.

What colors?

I tried to get it purple or red, but it ends up looking blacker, except in the light.

When was the last time you dyed it?


Is it out yet or is it still in?

Well, I’ve dyed it so many times…I started before I graduated high school and went all the way until August. Even though it’s wash-out, I think it’s still there.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

My Care Bears t-shirt.

Where’d you get it?

At Hot Topic. It’s like this goth store. It has like, whips and chains and Care Bears t-shirts.

What’s your favorite word?

Flosh. It’s my special word that refers to little furry animals like squirrels. And I have guinea pigs at home that I call guinea floshes.

So you have guinea pigs at home. Do you have other animals?

Oh, yeah, I have about 20 gerbils, or maybe it’s 16 now, since some of them died. And a mouse, two guinea pigs, and two parakeets.

Have you ever thought about sneaking any of them to Williams?

Yeah, I’m going to bring some next year when I have a bigger room. I’m going to bring the guinea pigs, or the mouse.

Do you think they’ll ever get out and run around your suite or anything?

I’ll be careful about that. Very careful.

Do you have any reptiles?

No, no, I don’t like reptiles. I like furry animals; they’re cute.

Do you have a decorative motif in your room?

Well, one of my friends describes it as a 9-year-old’s paradise. My summer camp had glittery stars and moons hanging from the ceiling, and I took them, and now they’re hanging on my ceiling. And I also have a bird mobile.

What’s your favorite food at the Snack Bar to order?


How many times have you stolen coffee?

I have never stolen coffee. I’m so good!

How much coffee do you drink?

A lot. I consider one of these a day a lot, but I don’t have one every day. I wish I could stop. There was one time last year I had so much caffeine that I really felt sick for two days.

What’s your favorite nail polish color?

Purple. Light, shiny purple. But I bite my nails so I only have one bottle for my toenails.

What’s your favorite dining hall meal?

Brunch Night? No, knock-you-nakeds are definitely better than Brunch Night. Also I like peanut butter and vanilla ice cream. You take a glob of peanut butter and slowly mix it in with ice cream; it’s really good.

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