Women’s rugby handles Bowdoin

The Williams’ Women’s Rugby Football Club traveled to Brunswick, Maine this weekend to play Bowdoin. Blessed with unseasonably warm temperatures, the Lady White Dawgs’ A-side defeated the BRFC 32-0 in a game the referee described as “good, clean rugby. The entire Williams team worked as a cohesive unit.”

Early in the first half, Bowdoin was called for a penalty at their 22-yard line. The Williams’ scrum faked out the opponents and Rebecca Rehm ’00 charged to the try zone, tying the ball up in a maul. Bowdoin was rewarded with a scrumdown, but the Ephs plowed over the ball, with Amy Balas ’01 stealing the hook and Friedman was able to pick it up and wrestle herself in to put the WWRFC up, 5-0.

Shortly thereafter, Kamille Richards ’00 outran the Bowdoin defense for the second try of the game. Minutes later, Lizzie Jacobs ’01, after expressing a desire to score, outdodged the entire Bowdoin scrum after snatching a loose ball out of a ruck for the try.

Late in the first half, Bowdoin put the ball out of bounds, giving Williams the lineout. Balas threw the ball in to Roshni David ’01 who sent it to the line. Moira Shanahan ’01 went for a long run before dishing the ball off to Devon DiClerico ’01, who set up a maul. The ball remained tied up and Bowdoin was rewarded with a scrumdown. The Williams’ scrum once stole the hook and raked it back to Dempsey who broke off for the eight-man pickup and charged through the shocked defenders for a try.

Bowdoin stepped up their defense in the second half, but their offense still could not move the ball forward. With Lynn Lim ’01 and Julia Cianfarini ’01 protecting the backfield, the Lady White Dawgs were able to focus in putting the ball in the try zone for more points. After drawing a penalty against Bowdoin, the Williams’ scrum this time ran a straight play. Bowdoin, expecting another fake, went the other direction and Yana Dadiomova ’00 forced herself through to score. Cianfarini’s conversion was good, making the score 27-0.

Williams was back on the verge of scoring moments later. This time, Bowdoin was able to touch it down, after Williams brought the ball in off a kick by Clare Newman ’02, narrowly beating the speedy Richards to it. Bowdoin was rewarded with a 22-drop kick, but Susie Fyrberg ’00 blocked it and set up a maul. Katherine Belecki ’01 and David immediately rushed in to support her. Williams regained possession, and sent the ball down the line to Richards who repeated her earlier performance, for the final score of the game.

Hampered by injuries, the Killer B’s nonetheless managed to get it together against Bowdoin. Originally scheduled to play full B and C-side matches, both teams instead opted for one B-side match with three periods. Down 15-0 for much of the game, the Williams almost rallied back with two unanswered tries, falling 15-12.

The Killer B’s started out with an offensive charge, the ball going down the line to Healy Thompson ’03 for a long run. Thompson tried to set up a ruck, but the ball rolled out into the hands of Bowdoin. Despite the hard tackles by Newman and Cianfarini, the opponents ran in the try zone for the score.

Undaunted, Williams came back to charge to the Bowdoin try zone off a nice line from scrumhalf Tegan Cheslack-Postava ’00 to Kaitlin Rahl ’02 to Sara Hausner-Levine ’02 to Thompson. However, the Killer B’s could not capitalize and Bowdoin returned to the offensive. The aggressive play of Jasmine Klatt ’03, Carolyn Adams ’02, and Melissa Daly ’02 kept them at bay for much of the game, as did the tackling of Tamika Murray ’03 and Lashawn Mays ’03, but Bowdoin scored again in the second period.Williams came back strong after one more Bowdoin try. Moving the ball offensively thanks to the runs of Leah King ’03, it was the Killer B’s turn to score. Drawing a penalty against Bowdoin, Lauren Flinn ’03 faked left and drew the opposition, leaving Virginia Despard ’02 ample room to race to the try zone for the score.

Near the end of the game, Lim spoiled a Bowdoin lineout, batting the ball to Dempsey. A ruck ensued and Rahl went in for the pickup, sending the ball to Thompson and then Cianfarini for the try. Julia Balduzzi ’03 made the conversion, upping the score to 15-12.

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