One in 2000: Jason Chapman

Residence: Dennett 234

Home: Anchorage, Alaska

What’s the capital of Delaware?

A city who’s name I don’t know.

Starts with a “D.” Two syllables. Second letter: “O”. Ends in “ER”. It’s a place in England. Also in New Hampshire.


Dawson’s: yes or no?



You have to be in the right mood. ’Cause if you’re out of the Dawson’s loop there’s no hope of getting back.

What, because it’s like a soap opera?


Do you watch it religiously?

I used to, with my entrymates.

Want some pizza?

Yeah, yeah.

Me too. So what’s the best use for a CUPPS cup?

Best use for a CUPPS cup would have to be…to steal things out of the dining hall. You can fit a lot of hot chocolate packets in a CUPPS cup.

Do you still have your original CUPPS cup from freshman year?

Oh yeah.

Ice cream or fro yo?

Oh, ice cream, all the way. Lickety Split.

What’s your favorite flavor?

I’m a big fan of Lickety Split’s Mud Pie. With the little purple and yellow Williams sprinkles.

If I said the name Pedro, would you know who I’m referring to?


Famous person….

Is this a local celebrity?

No. Context of a sports team.

Baseball? Yes, I would.

Yeah! What’s his position exactly?

I think he’s a pitcher.

Of the…?



Ah! Red Sox!

Ok. My middle name starts with “E.” You have two guesses.




Nope, you lose. Sixth Sense or Blair Witch?

Sixth Sense.


The little kid was amazing. Best performance by a child actor I’ve ever seen.

What song would you most like an a cappella group to sing?

Well, seeing as how I’m in an a cappella group, here’s my plug for Good Question: “She’s Like the Wind” by Patrick Swayze.

Are you singing it?


Are you going to dance?

We’ll see what happens.

What would you rather live on: the edge or a prayer?

A prayer. I’d like to think I have a little bit of faith.

We just referred to three songs in two sentences.

I know. I’m impressed.

Winter or Summer Olympics?

That would have to be Winter. We get a lot more of that in Alaska. I can respect the athletes in both, but to get up in 80 degree weather versus getting up in –20 degree weather….

Takes more courage?

Yeah, yeah.

What’s your favorite cereal?

It would have to be Lucky Charms, loaded with marshmallows.

Are you Irish?

Nope, Scottish.

George Clooney or Pierce Brosnon?

Oh, Pierce Brosnon. The Thomas Crown Affair was one big mind game.

So you don’t like George Clooney?

It’s not that I don’t like George Clooney, but I think that Pierce Brosnon gives a much better performance.

Do you think Pierce is sexier?

Frankly, Pierce is a badass. Coming from the line of Sean Connery….the whole 007 image goes well with him.

Britney Spears, or…

Or gag me with a spoon?

No, wait, hold on, hold on. Britney Spears or….Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Sabrina the Teenage Witch, without a doubt. Because she just appeared in an article in Maxim, which my suitemates appreciate.

Yeah, she’s almost naked, right?

That’s right.

Or was she completely naked?

No, no…it’s a gentleman’s magazine.

Oh, yeah, I’m sure. What do you think the word “sphagnum” refers to?

It’s the little pendulum in a grandfather clock.

Good guess. But actually it’s a type of vegetation in a bog. It’s really spongy and you can stand on it.


If there is one thing you would not choose to tell the Williams campus, what would it be?

[Pause.] I’m in love.

Well, you just told them.

I know.

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