One in 2000: Rob Trumbull

Year: Class of 2000.

Age: 21.

Origin: Simsbury, CT.

What’s your sign?


What are some Cancer characteristics?

I think we’re supposed to be very emotive…in touch.


I think I’m a fairly sensitive guy. And a good listener…[laughs]. Yeah, I like to be held. I read in Cosmo that with Cancers, you can get on their good side by feeding them lots of good food. The way to their heart is through their stomachs.

Do you read Cosmo often?

Well, you know, I’ve been known to read the British Cosmo – it’s more risqué.

It’s more risque?

Yeah, if you can believe such a thing.

What are some of your favorite movies?

Pulp Fiction. What else? I really want to see the Big Lebowski again. I don’t watch many movies. I like all of the James Bond movies.

I like the new James Bond: Pierce Brosnan.

Yes, who’s Irish, I might add.

So, you were in Ireland all year?

Yes, I was. I got there in late September and was there until the end of June.

Where were you studying?

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

What was the best experience of your year there?

I think just getting a healthier perspective on Williams.

So now what’s your perspective on Williams?

Um…how do I put it nicely? I just have a better grasp on the world outside of Williams. There are things specific to the Williams culture that aren’t…There are things about Williams that still kind of bug me, but I’ve come to terms with that. But aside from that, my favorite thing was living in a city. And, you know, pub culture is just really fascinating and fulfilling.

Did the hair [referring to the platinum blond tips] start there?

Yes, yes. The hair is the remnants. It’s just more urban.

You’ve come back looking more urban.

Yes, I definitely have. You’re an urban person: you’re from New York. I grew up in the suburbs, so, for me being urban is…yeah.

Did you ever see the Lord of the Dance?

Michael Flatley? He’s actually not…I mean, he’s Irish-American, but he was born in Chicago.

How were the people in Ireland?

They’re nice. A friend is visiting me now.

And you’re sitting here?

Well, this is my chance of fame. If I were to pass up 1 in 2000…but the people are nice. In Dublin, because it’s a city, they tend to be more willing to be a little rude. But when you get out into the country the people are really, really nice.

The countryside must be so beautiful…

It is really pretty but the number of days when you can appreciate it in the sun is like four. And, once you’ve seen a rock-strewn-with-sheep kind of hill, you’ve seen them all.

What is your favorite thing about Williams?

Just being in the company of extremely intelligent, interesting, and genuinely affectionate people.

You’re so sensitive.

I am, I know.

What do you think of the dating scene here?

Well, now that I’ve put in my plugs in all of the other questions…Williams needs to be sketchier, slightly more skeevy, but not necessarily rampant debauchery. I think people are afraid of just dating casually.

That’s not skeeviness.

No, but then people are concerned about seeing someone in the dining hall all of the time. I only have so much sympathy for it. In the end what would help is if there was more casual dating, and it’s not that there’s nothing to do – there are restaurants and the movies. This may just be my desire, but I think it’s because people are just afraid to put themselves out there.

I totally agree, but by the time you get to senior year, you’ve come to terms with it.

Yes. By the time you get to be a senior, you’ve just given up all hope of having, you know, a functional life.

How do you like being a senior?

I love it. What I like most is that, because I was abroad for a year, no one knows who I am. I don’t know three-quarters of the campus at all.

So where are you living this year?

Wood House, with eight of the most motivated guys in the senior class, which is depressing. Two Phi Beta Kappa guys, four Gargoyle guys, and then there’s John, Brendan, and me.

What is your best or worst characteristic?

[breaks out in laughter] Ok, I think it’s both my best and worst: I suck up to Mark Taylor better than most people.

If you could have one person or group or whatever come to Williams, who would it be?

My inclination is to say Bono, but I’m not going with it because I’m sure everyone would say that. So, I think I’d like to see Robbie Williams come. He is Britain’s biggest and brightest pop star, who is ultimately very cheesy.

Anything you would like everyone to know?

I think people should know…actually, I’d like to change my answer to my favorite thing at Williams.


Combo Za is my favorite thing about Williams. Its one of the few things I haven’t become cynical and jaded about.

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