Lady White Dawgs maul So. Connecticut

The Williams’ Lady White Dawgs played their first league match Sunday against Southern Connecticut. The game started with a bang as Williams’ drew on Southern Connecticut’s inexperience and lack of speed.

Early in the first half, Devon DiClerico’s ‘01 hard tackling forced a Southern Conn. groundball. Rucking over it, the Williams’ scrum drove over the ball, releasing it into the nimble hands of Beth Friedman ’01 who sent it down the line to Kamille Richards ‘00. Richards used her lightning speed, outrunning five defenders, to put Williams up first, 5-0.

Southern Conn.’s scrum put up a valiant effort against the Williams’ scrum, but the Lady White Dawg defense overpowered them. Led by the strong tackling of Cate Williamson ‘00 and Lynn Lim ’01, the Williams’ defense stuffed Southern Conn.’s offense, keeping them far from the try zone.

Williams, however, would charge the try zone often. Southern Conn. put the ball back into play off a lineout only to have Erin Dempsey ’01 spoil it; Friedman sent the ball out to Moira Shanahan ’01 who powered through the defense before passing it to Richards, then Julia Cianfarini ’01 who kicked the ball out. Southern Conn. took the lineout only to fumble the ball in their try zone. Amy Balas ’01 touched it down, making the score 10-0.

At the start of the second half, Williams drew a penalty; Cianfarini took the kick. Southern Conn. scrambled to the ball and touched it down defensively for a five meter scrumdown. Shanahan called a weak side play. The Williams’ scrum plowed over the ball; Shanahan took the pass from Friedman and trucked through the defense to put another try on the board. Score 15-0.

Immediately after Southern Conn. kicked the ball off, Roshni David ’01 raced to it and set up a ruck, supported by Katherine Belecki ’01 and Rebecca Rehm ’00. The Lady White Dawgs drove over the ball and Freidman sent it down the line. The ball went to Shanahan, then DiClerico, then to Williamson, who eluded a tackler before dishing it off to Richards who outran the opposition and scored. Cianfarini made the conversion, leaving the score at 22-0.

The final try of the game came in the closing minutes. Williamson dove through a tackler to set up a ruck. Friedman picked up the ball and pulled a Harlem Globetrotter move, avoiding a tackler. During the ruck, Richards and Cianfarini joined the line on a call by coach Gina Coleman. With the line overloaded and no defense, Williams regained possession of the ball, sending it to Richards who scored. The game ended at 27-0, Williams.

The Killer B’s played Southern Connecticut’s A-side in their first game. Relying on veterans Virginia Despard ’02 and Tegan Cheslack-Postava ’00, the Killer B’s began the game uncertain but finished as a force to be reckoned with.

Under the leadership of Kim Quigley ’03, the line put pressure on the Southern Conn. offense from the start. The hard tackling of Healy Thompson ’03 and Audrey Herzig ’03 spoiled Southern Conn.’s lines. On a Southern Conn. fumble, the ball went out of bounds, giving Williams the lineout. Kate Figge ’01 demonstrated her jumping ability as she leapt to knock the ball to Cheslack-Postava. Unfortunately, Southern Conn. was able to regain possession of the ball and score.

The Killer B’s showed the opposition any attempt to score would come at great cost as Jasmine Klatt ’03 and Sarah Hausner-Levine ’02 took down every opponent in their way. Katie Gortz ’03 put pressure on the Southern Conn. offense, forcing them out of bounds for a penalty.

Cheslack-Postava kicked the ball and, recovering her own kick, started a ruck. Southern Conn won the ruck and somehow managed to elude the Killer B’s to score again, 10-0.

Southern Conn would score again, but not with ease. Hausner-Levine chased down the opponent, and wrestled her down in the try zone, forcing the ball loose before Southern Conn. could touch it down. The ball rolled out in the try zone, giving Williams the five meter scrumdown. Souther Conn. recovered the ball and scored just before halftime.

Undaunted, the Killer B’s would hold Southern Conn. scoreless in the second half, thanks to the hard tackling of Melissa Daly ’03 and Kaitlin Rahl ’02. Flanker Lauren Aronson ’03 spoiled the connection between Southern Conn.’s scrum and line, breaking off to charge the opponents just as they got the ball out. Evelyn Mahoney ’03 showed that linies aren’t the only ones with speed as she raced down opponents and tied up the ball in mauls.

By the end of the game, the Killer B’s had come together as if they were all veterans and given Southern Conn. a run for their money. Both sides will play Smith next week at home.

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