Perry Hanson leaves OIT for job at Brandeis

In late June, Perry Hanson resigned as Chief Technology Officer to accept a position at Brandeis University as Chief Information Officer and Associate Provost for Educational Technology.

Dinny Taylor, wife of Cluett Professor of Humanities and Religion Mark Taylor, was appointed Interim Chief Technology Officer for two years starting August 1.

”I think [Hanson] did a great job here and would have continued to move Williams along quickly in its uses of information technology,” Director of Networks and Systems Mark Berman said.

“On the other hand,” Berman added, “the loss of any single person is not going to cause Jesup Hall to fall apart. Dinny and I have worked together for many years and I feel quite comfortable that we can continue to work together to keep improving the state of technology at the college.

Aside from a pay raise and career advancement, Hanson’s decision to leave the College was mainly due to the long distance between Williamstown and his home in Worcester, Mass.

His new job at Brandeis allows him to live with his wife, Susan Hanson, a professor of geography at Clark University in Worcester.

“Susan and I did the weekend commuting relationship for three years while I worked at Williams, and thought that we could handle the separation during the week. It just got old,” Hanson said.

“I really liked working at Williams a lot. I loved the students and working with the faculty and with the staff. We had great projects, and the IT staff members, including the Student Technology Consultant (STC), were terrific. But we couldn’t deal with the commute in the end.

Taylor has been working in computing at Williams for 16 years, starting as a programmer analyst in administrative computing and was appointed Director for Administrative Computing in 1991.

In 1995, she was asked to be Interim Chief Technology Officer, for the first time, and stepped down in less than a year when Hanson was hired.

She most recently was the Director for Information Technology Services and managed both the Administrative Information Systems team and the Desktop Systems team when she was asked to serve as Interim Chief Technology Officer a second time.

“I am looking forward to serving as Interim Chief Technology Officer because it will give me the opportunity to work with all areas of information technology on campus,” Taylor said. “We have a terrific staff in OIT, and I know I will have a lot of help while trying to guide the PeopleSoft project and perform the ICTO duties. We also have a tremendous amount of student help through our STCs and WSO. I was willing to accept the position because I know I will have good support from our staff and students, and from the Provost.”

PeopleSoft is a four-year project, directed by Taylor, involving the installation of new administrative software in Human Resources, Financials and Student Administration.

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