Next SAC, Housing Committee leaders elected

As the year comes to a close, the Student Activities Committee (SAC) and the Housing Committee have elected their leaders for the 1999-2000 academic year. Phil Swisher ’01 and Rebecca Rehm ’00 were elected as the co-presidents of the Housing Committee and Carrie Ryan ’00 was chosen as the chairperson of SAC.

As veterans of the Housing Committee and SAC, Ryan, Swisher and Rehm all cited greater communication between the two organizations as a main goal for the coming year.

A college council member and an experienced SAC officer will serve on the Housing Committee next year in hopes that the three organizations will be able to co-plan and co-sponsor many events such as concerts and parties.

In addition to greater communication between organizations, Swisher and Rehm cited an increase in first-year involvement in house events and more feedback as goals for the coming year. By working closely with the JAs and having a frosh council representative on the Housing Committee, it is hoped that first-years will frequent house events more often.

In order to increase feedback on housing events and future plans, a listserver will be created. Not only will students be able to receive e-mails concerning the parties for each weekend, but they will also be able to respond directly to the Housing Committee. The Housing Committee also plans to build a beach volleyball court behind Perry.

Swisher and Rehm also mentioned an increase in accountability within the committee as a goal for the coming year. Unlike this year, members who miss more than three meetings without a substitute could be permanently replaced.

As far as the future Rehm said, “We’re looking to make an improvement in campus social life.”

Swisher added, “If we work closely with other campus organizations then we can have many more successful campus events.”

Ryan, a veteran at organizing SAC events such as Currier Club and the spring concert, is hoping to continue popular events from years past such as the Log and Currier Club, yet adding a twist to those events, such as making Currier Club outdoors. Ryan would also like to diversify the events present on campus by incorporating a greater variety of options.

“I want to continue with what we did this year,” said Ryan. “And I am really looking forward to working with the Housing Committee next year.”

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