WUFO tops Dartmouth, falls to Brown, Yale, Midd

This weekend, the Williams Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Organization traveled to Groton for regionals as one of two teams representing its sectional division. The ever-improving Williams team defeated Dartmouth, 11-8, before losing to Middlebury 12-8 in a competitive final game.

WUFO began its game against Dartmouth in optimal form, earning the game’s first point with a connection between sophomores Alice Stout and Darah Schofield. Dartmouth rallied back for the second point and set the tone for a competitive game that would finally end 11-8 in WUFO’s favor.

Melissa Schmidt ’99 played with her typical defensive intensity, laying out for a block before connecting with Kara Roggenkamp ’99, who in turn found Michelle Mourad ’00 for WUFO’s second point. Building on this momentum, Roggenkamp was able to capitalize on a turn by launching a half-field huck to Darah Schofield ’01 to give WUFO a 3-2 lead. WUFO continued to rally in this way, always one up on the struggling Dartmouth team. Schmidt brought the game to half when she quickly popped up from a layout grab and found Stout in the end zone.

WUFO kept up its level of play in the second half with Roggenkamp connections to both Schofield and Schmidt in the end zone. Mourad then chased down a hammer throw to the back of the end zone, and Emily King ’99 found Stout and Katie Kelly ’01, improving WUFO’s lead to 9-4.

With victory only two points away, however, the momentum suddenly seemed to shift. Dartmouth scored the next three points and WUFO’s defense was lagging. Schofield provided inspiration at this critical point with an unbelievable layout grab in the end zone. With the score now 10-7, Williams stepped up its zone defense with diving blocks by Stout and King. Finally, Schmidt made a savvy cut in the end zone for an easy pass to end the game at 11-8.

After losing two hard-fought games against ultra-competitive Brown and Yale teams, WUFO started its evening game against Middlebury with renewed desire despite its tired legs. King, Mourad, Schmidt and Schofield earned WUFO’s first point by demonstrating textbook down-the-line flow. WUFO followed its own example in the ensuing points, quickly bringing the game to 4-1, while a baffled Middlebury team struggled to collect itself.

Proving that WUFO has a long game as well, Schmidt brought WUFO’s tally to five by hucking to Brooke Smith ’02 in the end zone. Schofield, Kelly, and Leah Rabin ’00 maintained formidable defensive pressure against the frustrated Middlebury team, while offensive zone handlers King, Roggenkamp, and Schmidt made patient, smart throws. After thirty-seven consecutive passes, WUFO scored its seventh point, ending the first half 7-4 with a Roggenkamp to Stout connection.

WUFO’s tough play continued for one more point after halftime before WUFO was hit again by its second-half mental block. This time, unfortunately, WUFO did not recover and Middlebury staged a six point run.

Although the second half was punctuated by moments of defensive brilliance, including blocks by Beth Powers ’01 and Smith, WUFO was unable to regain the level of play shown in the first half. Middlebury won the game with a final score of 12-8, ending a long day of ultimate.

Regionals mark the end of WUFO’s official spring season, its best season in two years. Although it will sorely miss the leadership and skills of graduating seniors Schmidt, Roggenkamp and King, WUFO is a young team and promises to continue its improving trend in the fall. WUFO welcomes new players of all experience levels; any women interested in being in on the WUFO action next fall should contact Michelle Mourad, 00msm, for details.

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