Committee provides info on pres. search

In a memorandum to members of the Williams College community, Ray Henze, chair of the Presidential Search Committee, provided an update on the presidential search. Although the search process is being conducted confidentialy in respect to candidates and the committee’s deliberations Henze states, “we intend to keep the Williams community well informed about our progress.”

The memorandum, which is to be distributed on campus today, lays out what took place at the committee’s first meeting on April 10 as well as the three phases of the search process. Henze also asks members of the Williams community to contact him with the names of people who might make strong candidates as well as any thoughts about the search process.

In addition, the memorandum announces the appointment of the Academic Search Consultation Service of Washington, D.C. as consultants for the search. Academic Search was chosen on the basis of interviews conducted by members of a subcommittee that took place before the April 10 meeting.

In the memorandum, Henze states that there are three planned phases to the search process. They are “defining the College’s priorities and objectives and developing the criteria for the next president, development of the pool of candidates, and screening and selection of the next president.” The committee is currently in the early part of the first phase.

The next meeting of the committee will be this weekend, with a focus on “gathering information from small groups of college constituents concerning the institutional priorities and desired presidential attributes,” the memorandum states. The committee will also be planning future opportunities to meet with people in the Williams community.

Henze invites all members of the Williams community to participate in the search and announced an e-mail and post address for the search committee so that people can submit candidate proposals and thoughts in the process.

Henze hopes to have an expected timetable for the search prepared after this weekend’s meeting which would then be presented in his next communication.

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