Search begins for new student activities intern

The Dean’s Office has begun its search for an activities coordinator, whose responsibilities will encompass those of the current activities intern Yolanda Rucker. A committee made up of students, faculty and administrators will begin reviewing resumes Monday, April 26.

The activities intern position has been redefined and renamed activities coordinator. The responsibilities of the new activities coordinator will include planning support for student activities and working with students and faculty in organizing events. The coordinator will also organize a program of non-alcoholic campus events and supervise support staff in the booking and posting of new events. An aspect of the new position not included in the old is the coordination of student management of Goodrich. The activities coordinator will have no decision making power in the management of Goodrich, but will assist students with the details of running the student center.

“The coordinator won’t have Goodrich voting power, just a role in facilitating the budget process and interacting with Buildings and Grounds and maintenance,” explained Dean Wanda Lee.

The job description states that the job “requires close working relationships with student government and other leaders, along with faculty and staff.”

Dean Lee describes the position as ten percent administrative, fifty percent activities management and forty percent Goodrich support.

Qualifications for the position include a bachelor’s degree, preferably a master’s degree, and several years experience with campus activities. As stated by the job description, the coordinator will also need “strong organizational, budgeting, communication, and interpersonal skills.”

The selection committee includes Lee, Director of Public Affairs James Kolesar, Dean Steven Sneed and Dean Kerry Christensen. There are also four students on the committee: Phil Swisher ’01, Ryan Mayhew ’01, Adwua Boahene ’00 and Liz Lee ’01.

Dean Lee feels that the diversity of the committee is its greatest strength. “We wanted to pull together a group representing various clubs and organizations on campus,” she said, adding that she feels this group will accurately represent many facets of campus life. Lee expressed her concern that the selection process be comprehensive. “It will be a full and objective process,” she said. “We don’t want to set anyone up for failure.”

The selection process will have three phases. Phase I is a “paper screen.” In this phase, the committee will read resumes, selecting those that show experience with budget management and creating programs to continue to Phase II. Candidates invited to participate in the second phase of the process will be asked to submit a written statement indicating their philosophy of working with students on program and event planning, and explaining their interest in the position.

Candidates asked to participate in Phase III of the selection process will be invited for a full day interview. The committee has compiled a list of twenty-four suggested questions for the interview process which Dean Lee describes as “quite detailed, focused on what we’re hoping to gain.” For example, the candidate might be asked to state his strongest abilities and to explain how they relate to the position. Another of the questions asks the candidate to describe a time when she felt it was necessary to modify her actions in order to respond to the ideas of another person.

Phil Swisher ’01 expressed his interest in the selection process. “I am excited to be a part of this process,” he said. “The committee is composed of talented people who work very well together. We will find the most qualified person for this position, with a significant amount of input from students and faculty. Finalists will be brought to campus and will meet with faculty and many student groups. We are looking for someone who is energetic, experienced, self-motivated, and can handle the pressures of the position.”

The committee will begin to review resumes on Monday, April 26. Resumes will be accepted until the position is filled. Those interested in the position should send cover letter and resume along with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of their work-related references to: Rosemary Moore, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Williams College, Job#1369-X, 15 Park Street, Williamstown.

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