One in 2000: Katie Fogg

Place of Origin: New York City

Current Residence: Lehman West

Five Favorite Movies:

When Harry Met Sally, Say Anything, Sliding Doors, Viva Las Vegas, American History X

So you’re a JA? What’s it like?

It’s great.

What’s the best part of being a JA?

The frosh. The people I’m living with and am now friends with who I normally wouldn’t be friends with.

How was Spring Break?

It was great. I went to Italy and traveled with a friend who is studying in Rome. So I was in Rome and all along the coastal towns.

Do you like to travel a lot?

I love to travel.

Where do you want to go that you haven’t gone yet?

Morocco. My grandfather was born there and it sounds like a beautiful place. I’d like to go there.

If you could have any pet, what would it be?

I’d like a golden retriever. I know that’s boring but something simple to cuddle up with.

Not a monkey or a tree shrew?

No. No. No.

What would you name it?

That’s a hard question because I’ve never had a pet and never thought about what I’d name it. I had a goldfish but I never named them. I guess I would name it something that hit me when I saw it.

Kind of a spontaneous naming?

Probably… Oh no. You know what? I want a bulldog. And I’ll name it Rocko. Or something ferocious. But I want it to be a friendly bulldog.

What do you think of the weather?

I LOVE Spring. I love it. I’m a sunny weather kind of girl so I love it. Not very good for doing my work.

Have you noticed the weather affecting people?

Yeah. Everyone’s frisky…just kidding! Everyone seems happy. Everyone’s smiling more.

Is it just me or are the people more attractive people on campus since coming back from the break?

Everyone looks tan and happy and rested so everyone feels better which makes them look better.

Maybe it links back to the effect the weather has that you mentioned before.

I think it does. Everyone’s looking tan and cute.

You like the tans?

I love tans. The little tan rosy glow gives everyone a healthy look.

What’s your favorite thing about this place?

As cheesy as it sounds, the people.

That’s not cheesy.

I think it is. My professors, the staff, my friends. Everyone’s incredible.

There have been a lot of tours going around. Do you remember when you went on a tour?

I never went on a tour. I’d been here so many times I didn’t bother. I just wandered around.

Why did you come here a lot?

My dad and brother went here.

So you had the inside scoop on the school before coming here.


What were some of your best pre-frosh experiences?

I remember going to Canterbury’s with a girl I had played lacrosse against in high school. We had a good time. I ended up coming here and she didn’t. I had a good time.

This issue is coming out during pre-frosh week. Anything you want to tell the pre-frosh?

I could say, “Come here, it’s a great school,” but that would be boring.

Yeah. It would. Tell us something from your experience.

I think coming into Williamstown, it’s such a small place and just this year I realized how much is here, what resources we have. There’s a lot more than you see at first… I actually have an awful story. Some lady was on a tour with her daughter and came up to us complaining about us not going up to them and telling them how Williams is such a great place and blah, blah, blah. She literally started getting angry at me and a freshman who I was with. She basically said we were snotty and elitists and thought we were better than everyone.

What did you say to her?

I said if she wanted us to talk she should have come up to us and ask us and we would have been more than happy.

I would be bitter if someone had said that to me.

We were very bitter.

What do you want to tell the whole Williams community?

This is a very hard question.

Come on. Anything you want to tell the whole community. It can a quote, a word, anything!

Hmmm… The whole Williams community should know that… Oh! An Elvis Presley quote: “Do something worth remembering.”

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